Sowing leeks: how and when

The flower of the leek, from which the seeds are born.

One of the most common crops in the winter garden is leek, a plant from the Liliaceae family, a close relative of onions and garlic.

This plant is quite slow to harvest, since its cultivation cycle lasts from four to six months, but it has the great advantage of being very adaptable to different temperatures.

Therefore, you can have leeks in the field practically all year round, choosing between different varieties.

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  • When planting leeks

  • Plantation of leeks and moon phase

  • Sowing and planting depth

  • where to find the seeds

  • Before planting: tillage


When planting leeks

Sowing of leek can take place from February to June, as soon as the winter frost has passed, sowing of this vegetable can continue. There are summer leeks which are sown in early spring and cooler winter varieties which can be planted until June. Once planted the leek is a rather slow plant to germinate, one can expect to see the seedlings hatch after two weeks, sometimes even three.

Leek seed and moon phase

Wanting to follow the lunar calendar, the leek is planted with a waning moon, so in the days following the full moon, before reaching the new moon. Sowing on a crescent moon would have the effect of encouraging the leek to establish itself as a seed, something growers generally want to avoid.

Sowing depth and planting depth

The leek seed is practically level with the surface, a veil of soil is enough (sowing depth from half to one centimeter).

Leek seedlings should be at a distance of 15 cm. from each other, in rows of at least 30 cm. I suggest making rows 45 cm apart, to have room to pack the plants during cultivation.

where to find the seeds

Leeks are a very common vegetable, especially winter leeks, which make it possible to populate the garden in the months when many horticultural plants cannot withstand the cold. That is why it will not be difficult to find leek seeds in nurseries, agricultural centers or by buying online. Whenever possible, it is best to choose organic leek seeds.

When buying, keep in mind that there are approximately 350 seeds in one gram. If you are already growing leeks, you can have them sown and save the seed for the following year, keep in mind that leek seeds will keep for two years after harvest, then they lose their ability to germinate.

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