The 3 (real) best DeWalt rotary hammers in 2022

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Screw, drill and chisel with one device!

DeWalt leaves no one behind: Whether you are simple handyman, real craftsman or building professional, the brand will be able to offer you the perforator you need. But precisely, which one to choose among the whole range?

To help you in your reform or your structural work, inquire now My 3 Favorite DeWalt Rotary Hammers !

What is the best DeWalt rotary hammer of 2022?

  1. DeWalt SDS-plus – My favorite and drills up to 28mm in concrete

  2. DeWalt SDS-Max – One of the most powerful at 6kg and drills up to 45mm in concrete

  3. DeWalt SDS-plus cordless – A very good cordless drill and drills up to 20 mm in concrete

rating 5 out of 5


DeWalt SDS-plus

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

dewalt sds-plus hammer drillThis DeWalt drill, equipped with the SDS-plus system, has a chuck that allows it to offer 3 different modes of use: drilling, drilling and chiseling. With its 900W motor and its striking power which reaches 3 joules, it is capable of going up to 1450 rpm to offer up to 5350 strokes/minute. Thanks to this power, its drilling capacity in concrete reaches 28 mm (30 mm in wood, 13 mm in metal) and as the variable speed is electronically controlled, control of the tool is guaranteed in all circumstances. This drill can also be used with confidence as it has a safety clutch in case the drill jams unexpectedly. For the comfort of the user, the handle has finally been designed with a rubber coating, the ventilation slots do not face the eyes, and the device is limited to a weight of 3.1 kg.

My opinion : The DeWalt SDS-plus is a drill that could be classified in a semi-pro range, and this is undoubtedly what makes it by far my favorite of this brand: its price is quite reasonable, and although she doesn’t have all the abilities of a puncher! professional, you are doing very well! I particularly like its powerful motor which makes working effortless and the fact that the drive makes this machine really precise whatever the job. The brand could have designed a little bigger storage box (you have to remove the chuck to put the tool in) but that’s really the only thing I have to complain about with this punch. As long as you don’t have to tackle thick concrete walls or heavy lifting, you can definitely give this model a try!

rated 4.5 out of 5

DeWalt SDS-Max

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

dewalt sds-max hammer drillThe DeWalt SDS-Max hammer drill, with its 1250 W power and 8 joule impact force, was designed from the start for professional use. Capable of drilling up to 45mm in concrete, its chain drive also reduces friction and sprocket wear to ensure better performance. Equipped with a rotation stop for chiseling and facilitating small demolition jobs (with a locking switch for continuous use), it also has a mechanism with an anti-kickback device (without excessive vibrations) and with the system AVC (Active Vibration Control). reduce and absorb these vibrations as much as possible (thanks in particular to a floating handle). It thus offers greater comfort of use, especially since its compact format and its 6.8 kg allow it to be used in small, narrow and difficult-to-access spaces without causing excessive fatigue.

My opinion : At these weights, this DeWalt is one of the most powerful and efficient chisel drills I have ever tested! Although at almost 7 kg I clearly cannot say that it is light, its weight is not an obstacle to prolonged use during the day, especially since it does everything to make this work more pleasant. . It was while drilling in the hardest concrete that I realized that it was definitely a quality drill (with the robustness that goes with it), and I also really appreciated its good vibration management with its “damping” handle. For this price, it is quite normal that it is especially interesting for professionals or very demanding DIYers. But if you fall into those categories, you can go for it with confidence – it’s a puncher that won’t let you down!

rated 4.5 out of 5

DeWalt SDS-plus Cordless

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

dewalt sds-plus cordless hammer drillThis DeWalt SDS-plus is a versatile drill that plays the role of a simple drill but also a chipper at the same time thanks to the presence of a rotation stop. 18V, it was designed wirelessly and therefore incorporates 2 batteries (supplied) of 4 Ah to guarantee excellent autonomy. In addition, these batteries are equipped with XR technology and are part of a whole generation of compatible brand tools. With the power of its 400 W motor (whose speed can reach up to 1,200 rpm), and its blowing energy of 2.1 joules (up to 4,500 strokes/minute), it is also capable to drill up to 20 mm in concrete and even 26 mm in wood. Its vibration rate is also quite low and, as it weighs only 3 kg, it is never unpleasant during long periods of use.

My opinion : Cordless drills, because of the freedom of movement they allow, are of great interest. And among the models I’ve been able to test so far, this DeWalt SDS-plus left me with an excellent impression! Indeed, it is equipped with quality batteries that offer a good hour of autonomy and, by buying a few, you can easily juggle the day, especially if the work you do is long enough. Fairly light and handy, it’s a drill I’ve always enjoyed working with, whether on small renovations or larger jobs, especially since it has some thoughtful features like an LED that improves the visibility of the area you are in. work, for example. It’s a very good kit, and for this price (batteries, charger and case included), I would say don’t hesitate!

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