The 3 (real) best knapsack sprayers in 2022

knapsack sprayer

Less effort and more comfort!

To eliminate weeds or ensure a good harvest, a sprayer is often essential. And when it’s back, it’s even better.

In electric, thermal or manual version, I let you discover my selection of best backpack sprayers Of the market !

What is the best knapsack sprayer in 2022?

  1. Ryobi RY18BPSA-0 – Electric and my favorite (comfort + speed vs manual)

  2. Solo 473 D Classic – Best value for money

  3. Fuxtec FX-MSP2.2 – If you are looking for a professional thermal sprayer

rating 5 out of 5


Ryobi RY18BPSA-0

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

Ryobi ry18bpsa-0 knapsack sprayerNo more manual pumping and less fatigue during use! The Ryobi RY18BPSA-0 incorporates an 18 V battery which supplies its tank: it is no longer necessary to pump the liquid to activate the spray, the device takes care of itself. A latch feature even means you don’t have to constantly pull the trigger! It’s a real comfort, especially when the work done is long. Thanks to its 15 L tank, it is also possible to spread large quantities of solution in the garden, without having to stop regularly to refuel. And once again, the well-being of the user has not been forgotten since a metal frame evenly distributes the weight of the tank while the backpack is padded to prevent muscle pain. It is sold without a battery or charger, but it is compatible with all batteries in the brand’s 18V ONE+ range.

My opinion : Tired of having to stop every 30 seconds to pump? I understand you, nothing more painful, and in addition, it wastes time! That’s exactly why this Ryobi electric backpack sprayer is by far my favorite model: by eliminating the drudgery of pumping, it makes the job so much more enjoyable. Thanks to it, you will also realize that you can be much faster and that treating large areas does not have to be endless (especially with the large capacity tank). As is often the case with Ryobi tools, we are also assured of excellent quality – I really like the ONE+ range and recommend it to professionals and home users alike. If you want to combine comfort and speed of execution, look no further, this device is made for you!

rated 4.5 out of 5

Solo 473 D Classic

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

Solo backpack sprayer 473 d classicFor safe and secure treatment of the garden! Whether spraying insecticide, herbicide or even fungicide, the Solo 476 D Classic knapsack sprayer has the answer. These solutions being considered abrasive, this model is first equipped with a high quality diaphragm pump, with in particular a special and hyper resistant diaphragm. The pump itself also facilitates the work of the user by being particularly flexible and thus limiting the effort required. Thanks to a 10L tank, it is also possible to do much of this work in one go, but if a refill is needed, the wide opening makes it easy to fill the tank. Easy to handle (50 cm long spray hose) and comfortable to use (standard straps), it finally has few wearing parts and solid technology. It is a model whose longevity is guaranteed, in addition to requiring a minimum of maintenance!

My opinion : Probably one of the best value for money you can find! If I have selected this backpack sprayer for you, it is because in addition to its attractive price, I find that the brand has done an excellent job with the pump. Unlike many models, it is neither too hard nor too long to ride, which makes this 473 D Classic quite pleasant to use. Obviously not as fast as with an electric version, but for the manual this device works very well. It must also be said that it is not only effective, it is also of very good quality and thanks to its intermediate size and its 10 L tank, it corresponds perfectly to domestic use (to eliminate weeds from your paths, to kill pests in your plantations, etc.) Not too expensive and easy to use, it’s really a good option!

rating 4 out of 5

Fuxtec FX-MSP2.2

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

fuxtec fx-msp2.2 knapsack sprayerIn terms of autonomy, difficult to do better! A real professional backpack sprayer, the Fuxtec FX-MSP2.2 is a thermal model and comes with a 26 L tank of products and another 14 L of petrol, so you don’t have to fill it too often. Therefore, it is ideal for the treatment and protection of large areas of crops, especially agricultural ones. Solid and made of high quality materials, it is ultra efficient thanks to its 41.5 cm³ engine which allows it to spread up to 4 L/minute with a range of 11 m. To meet the long-term work it allows, it also features ergonomic handles and back padding for added comfort. Versatile, it should be noted that it is also capable of spraying powdery solutions thanks to the additional head provided and that it can be used occasionally to spread salt during the winter. Finally, it is almost completely removable and therefore easy to clean.

My opinion : Backpack thermal sprayers are only intended for a minority of people: you really need to have very large surfaces to treat to accept adding weight on your back (solution + gasoline) to gain autonomy. But if you are one of those people, this Fuxtec should interest you. Of all those that I had the opportunity to try, this is the one that convinced me the most. It has 3 great assets: a powerful engine, a large tank and a very interesting versatility. It spreads quickly and far, even in granular mode (more than 6 kg/minute), its 26 L of solution is a quantity that few devices reach and the fact that it can quickly get rid of large frozen surfaces is a significant detail. With so much weight on the back, the padding does not work miracles but in its category it is the most convincing model.

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