The 3 (real) best lawn rollers in 2022

lawn roller

The secret to a beautiful lawn!

To get your seedlings to adhere and thus ensure good growth, here is my selection of best lawn rollers that you can find on the market!

What is the best lawn roller of 2022?

  1. AL-KO GW50 – My favorite and professional (weight filled with water: 72 kg and sand: 120 kg)

  2. TecTake – Good value for money (weight filled with water: 60 kg)

  3. Lanza and Jackson 66040 – A small plastic roller that does the job (weight filled with water: 40 kg)

rating 5 out of 5



Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

lawn roller al-ko gw50Simply calling the AL-KO GW50 a lawn roller would compromise its capabilities. More like a garden and lawn roller, it offers a professional solution for rolling and leveling all types of newly sown land. This can of course be lawns, including those of future football pitches, but also orchards: this ensures that the seeds stick well to the ground. It must be said that thanks to its solid steel sheet construction, it can become very heavy. Filled with water, its weight can go up to 72 kg while filled with sand, it can go up to 120 kg! And after use, it empties very easily. Its 50cm also offers a very comfortable working width, enough to move quickly, and it even has an adjustable mudguard to protect against excess dirt. Note that it can finally be used after scarification or spreading, which makes it even more versatile!

My opinion : I had been looking for a large-diameter roller that could be very heavy for a long time to compact the soil well and it was with this AL-KO that I found what I was looking for! Even if the 72 kg are not that impressive (it’s still easier to fill it with water because you rarely have so much sand available…), it’s very efficient and this machine does a good job. Contrary to what some buyers may have noticed, I did not notice any sealing problems, everything was in very good condition in the model I tested, and it was even very solid. The assembly is also not at all complicated and the tool itself is quite pleasant to use, if I may say so. It’s clearly my favorite model and whatever you do with it, it will have no trouble satisfying you!

rated 4.5 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

tectake lawn rollerWith this lawn roller, TecTake offers an interesting and reliable solution for anyone who wants to compress the soil, level sandy soil or condition fertilizers and seeds. To do this, it is made of a solid steel structure that can be very easily filled with water or sand (thanks to an equally practical side opening for emptying) to reach a maximum weight of 60 kg. And despite this weight, it remains perfectly manageable and requires little effort to steer thanks to its wide ergonomic handle which offers excellent comfort at the same time. Versatile, it tackles all tasks, especially since it also has a scraper that recovers the soil and makes its 60 cm width available to cover large areas of land more quickly.

My opinion : In a nutshell, this TecTake is a lawn roller with a good price/performance ratio. Although it is not one of the heaviest, it still offers 60 kg and you will quickly find that its use is usually enough to tie up your grass seedlings. You can even flatten a petanque court with it! I really didn’t have any bad surprises: its cap is wide enough to fill it easily and not waste too much time emptying it, the metal bar that acts as a handlebar has the strength necessary to push a tool of this weight and thanks to the scraper, wet dirt never accumulates on the roller, which guarantees a perfectly homogeneous result. It is definitely a model that you can completely trust. You will not be disappointed with your choice!

rating 4 out of 5

Lance and Jackson 66040

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

lawn roller lance & jackson 66040The Spear & Jackson 66040 differs from traditional lawn rollers by its PVC tank. It voluntarily abandons steel, which is much more sensitive to aggression from the ground and oxidation over time, for this high-resistance plastic which only has advantages. Solid, its tank can accommodate up to 35 L of water or sand so that the tool quickly reaches a weight of 40 kg, which is sufficient to compact the soil and adhere the seedlings. This intermediate weight even makes this roller useful in all seasons: applied after mowing, it consolidates the lawn and allows it to be more aesthetic, flat and uniform. Equipped with a filler cap located on the side, it empties easily. As for its maneuverability, it is ensured by its wide handle. With a width of 50 cm, it finally guarantees fast work, whatever the surface to be tamped.

My opinion : To complete this selection, I wanted to present this Spear & Jackson to you because it seems to me that it represents an interesting alternative at a slightly more affordable price. To pay less, you will obviously have to make a big sacrifice: that of steel. But you can rest assured that it is a strong and very sturdy PVC. There is no way it will die and lose all its water in the middle of work! Although it is as wide as the others, its diameter is on the other hand slightly smaller, which explains why it is less heavy. But despite everything, I have verified that it fulfills its function very well, being more practical to fill and empty and without causing any handling problems. Whether it’s flattening or pinning your seedlings, and as long as your work surface is reasonable, this is a lawn roller that will do the job perfectly!

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