The 3 (Real) Best Lawn Tractor Trailers

mower tractor trailer

Transport your vegetable waste more easily!

Depending on the maximum weight you need, discover my selection of best lawn tractor trailers !

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Lawn Master GAL320

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

turfmaster gal320 lawn tractor trailerStable and versatile! The Turfmaster GAL320 is a trailer that can effectively tackle the movement of anything that might be in the yard, whether it’s green waste, manure or even wood and materials. Thanks to its galvanized steel construction, it is really very solid and the maximum load it can support is 320 kg. Enough to use it without any restrictions! It also has a large capacity container whose length reaches 106 cm and 30 cm in depth (with 84 cm in width). Quick to assemble, in just 15 minutes, it also has a manual carrying handle to make it easy to change position, even when not attached to the back of a riding mower, but also for tilt for unloading. Note that the drawbar with which it is fitted cannot be retracted (to save space during storage, for example).

My opinion : If you need a good trailer to attach to your riding mower, I highly recommend this Turfmaster. If it’s my favorite, it’s because it works practically at all levels without showing too high a price. Among its advantages, the fact that it can carry a load of up to 320 kg is obviously the main one. Whether it’s hauling in large branches after pruning a tree or even bringing several bags of soil to your grow site, she knows how to make herself useful. If we can regret that it does not have a removable tailgate, the fact that it is tilting also makes it more practical to download it. And in terms of solidity, there is nothing to complain about! Galvanized steel can take a few beatings, but when it comes to sturdiness, it’s hard to beat. It is really a product of excellent reliability and you can use your choice without concern.

rated 4.5 out of 5

Quad T-Mech

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

mower tractor trailer t-mech atvWith the T-Mech ATV, garden design and maintenance couldn’t be easier! Versatile, this lawn tractor is capable of tackling many different tasks. To do this, it can support a maximum load of 295 kg, while its large tray (121 x 94 x 30 cm) can contain a volume of 283 L. Tree branches, grass clippings or even bales of hay, it take it all away with no hassle. ! Thanks to its all-terrain wheels, it is also very agile and can roll anywhere, even on the most uneven terrain. To facilitate loading and unloading, it is also equipped with a tilt function and even gloves are included in the scope of delivery to protect you effectively at this time. In addition to its handle to move it manually, its coupling head finally allows it to be attached to vehicles that are not lawn mowers, such as a quad for example.

My opinion : This T-Mech is a trailer that seduced me above all for its aesthetics! It’s silly to say, but the fact that there isn’t just the color of the metal makes it immediately much more attractive, and the brand also had a good idea by making it take the form of a big wheelbarrow. Once attached to the mower, it quickly finds its function and, once the work is finished, it is very easy to unload, since it only has to be tilted thanks to its handlebar. I haven’t had the opportunity to test it on a surface other than my grass field, but I have no doubt that its wheels, which are wider and more notched than on other models, would be fine. very good. With its maximum load of 295 kg, it is also quite difficult to reach its limits for home use. It is therefore very good value for money!

rated 4.5 out of 5

precision pet

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

pet precision lawn mower tractor trailerPrecision Pet is the essential tool for transporting wood, soil, plants, bags of potting soil, or even tools over long distances without restriction. Super strong, this trailer is made of steel and with its load capacity of 500 kg, it is fully capable of meeting all expectations. At the time of its design, all the details have also been taken care of, which makes its use very simple. For example, it is light enough to maneuver easily, whether attached to a riding mower or other small motorized vehicle. It also tilts to make unloading your contents more comfortable and even has a removable rear door to make unloading even less of a pain. In addition to its drawbar (not retractable), it finally has wheels wide enough to adapt to all terrains and therefore be suitable for domestic or even professional use.

My opinion : Of all the lawnmower trailers on the market, this Precision Pet is clearly not the most delicately designed! Seeing her like this, she looks a bit gross, but one shouldn’t dwell on her outward appearance and instead focus on her abilities. Because in terms of robustness, it is clearly one of the best. With a load capacity of half a ton and a considerable volume (the container is 120 cm long, 85 cm wide and 37 cm deep), it can accompany you in absolutely all your projects. It also has a real advantage with its removable tailgate which allows easier and faster unloading, depending on what has been transported of course. If you need a sturdy workhorse that can hold a lot of weight, I definitely recommend this model!

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