The 3 (real) best McCulloch blowers in 2022

mc culloch wind tunnel

For a clean garden all year round!

The blower is a powerful and very practical tool, and here is my selection of best mcculloch leaf blowers !

rated 4.5 out of 5


McCulloch GB 355 BP

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

mcculloch gb 355 pb wind tunnel1500 W motor, blowing speed up to 355 km/h, efficient air flow thanks to an innovative nozzle… McCulloch has equipped its blower with everything necessary to make it a professional device! It offers an effective solution for the maintenance of green spaces, above all because its performance is accompanied by great comfort of use. Indeed, the brand has made sure that the tasks are the least painful possible, in particular while preserving the back. An anti-vibration system reduces the feeling of fatigue, and with the Backpack function, starting the engine is easy, without having to remove the harness. This harness is also adjustable and padded and the trigger can be locked to keep it in position to reduce the effort required. Note that the breathing speed is finally adjustable to adapt the device to all situations, whether they require finesse or not!

My opinion : At McCulloch this blower is my favorite model and in my opinion it is also one of the best in thermals. Although it doesn’t have a 4-stroke engine like other pro tools, the one it does run pretty well and the blowing power is more than enough to sweep up fallen leaves and other debris. . At 9.2 kg I cannot say that it is light but not on the other hand, its weight is more than bearable once placed on the back. The backpack harness is perfectly designed, the weight is balanced and when you work you don’t really think about it. Especially since it is possible to adjust the position of the throttle, which makes use a little more comfortable! And one of its other advantages is that it is also displayed at a lower price than what other brands can offer. Very good choice then!

rating 4 out of 5

McCulloch GBV 322 VX

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

mcculloch gbv 322 vx wind tunnelMuch more than a leaf blower! This McCulloch is actually a 3-in-1 blower/vacuum/shredder to make garden maintenance even faster. Multifunctional, it guarantees impeccable results in all areas. Its powerful 800 W motor allows it to fly up to 370 km/h. Equipped with a concentrated nozzle, it offers optimal airflow, ideal for the most difficult tasks. Thanks to a tube change, it very easily switches to suction mode with the same precise speed control as in blower mode. The leaves are finally shredded to be crushed or composted and collected in a bag with a generous volume of 45 L. However, the device does not stop there and also ensures that the work is as comfortable as possible for the worker. ‘user. For example, it was designed to be lightweight at only 4.5kg, and when the lock button is activated, the speed stays constant effortlessly!

My opinion : I would say this McCulloch is a good value among thermal fans. As a versatile device that also sucks and grinds, it is not the most practical since you have to change the tube to switch from one function to another. But overall it holds up pretty well. The blower is powerful enough for home use, the suction has no problem picking up the leaves (a little more when wet, you have to peel them first) and the shredding is quite satisfactory, you can get rid of green waste much more easily, without having to go through the recycling center. For around 200€, I recommend it without problem, but only for domestic or even semi-professional use.

rating 4 out of 5

McCulloch Li 40 GB

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

fan mc culloch li 40gbCordless and fuelless, the McCulloch Li 40 Go benefits from the brand’s 40V battery system. The two 2 Ah batteries included in the box are also compatible with the batteries present in the rest of the brand’s tools, and it is even possible to opt for 4 Ah batteries to enjoy greater autonomy. With a blower speed reaching 177 km/h, this blower easily finds its place for garden maintenance, especially since, with its weight of 3.6 kg, it is not heavy and does not tire your hands too much. muscles during prolonged use. The design has also been thought out to provide more comfort, in particular with a good balance between the handle and the tube, as well as with the speed variator easily accessible with a finger. It is that the speed is effectively continuously adjustable, which is ideal for adjusting the power according to the task at hand.

My opinion : What I love about this McCulloch is that it’s simple and easy to use. When you have absolutely no knowledge of heat engines, the battery-powered blower solution comes in handy: just recharge, plug in, and the device is ready to go! Moreover, I found that it showed quite good performance. Claramente, no es una máquina profesional, pero if tiene un jardín pequeño que le gusta mantener limpio, es el tipo de soplador perfecto para déshacerse de las hojas y los recortes más fácilmente, ya sea en el césped, en su terraza o en su camino of entry. It also has the advantage of not being too expensive: when the batteries are included as here, other brands generally take advantage of it to raise the price. If your wind tunnel needs are not very large, then this one should fully meet your expectations.

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