The 3 (real) best Ryobi blowers in 2022

ryobi blower

Easily get rid of all your leaves!

Electric or thermal, wireless or backpack, powerful or inexpensive, find here our selection of best ryobi blowers !

What is the best Ryobi blower of 2022?

  1. Ryobi OBL18JB – My Favorite (Cordless Electric Blower)

  2. Ryobi RBL42BP – A good backpack thermal blower.

  3. Ryobi RBV36B – 3-in-1 Blower / Vacuum / Shredder

rated 4.5 out of 5


Ryobi OBL18JB

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

ryobi obl18jb blowerWith its Turbo Jet technology and concentrated airflow, this Ryobi leaf blower delivers excellent performance. Indeed, its speed can reach 160 km/h and therefore the device is powerful enough to easily sweep away all the leaves and other debris. As the tube also has a scraper, even dropping wet leaves on the lawn is child’s play! The entire design of the device has also been thought out to facilitate cleaning tasks in green spaces: it is light enough to be perfectly handy, its micro-honeycomb handle offers good grip, its speed variator allows total control and, for storage, its tube can be dismantled to save space. Electric and wireless, it comes without a battery but is compatible with the Ryobi ONE+ range.

My opinion : You can completely rely on Ryobi to provide you with high quality blowers. But if you want to direct your choice more precisely, it is this model that I will advise you. In fact, it’s my favorite of the brand because if it already has compatible batteries, it has the advantage of not being expensive at all and offering very good performance. In terms of blowing power, you can’t go wrong, and it’s also fairly balanced and easy to handle. As for the noise it emits, if it is not really silent (but what a blower it is all the same…), it is not unbearable either and I must say that I have already tried to other models that do much less well! For home use, this Ryobi 18V makes a great case, and you can’t go wrong choosing it!

rating 4 out of 5

Ryobi RBL42BP

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

ryobi rbl42bp blowerWhen a blower is equipped with a semi-professional engine, the power is necessarily there! This is the case with this Ryobi, which is not only content with its PoWR XT engine, since it is also equipped with a uniquely designed blower tube. A curve reduces air resistance and promotes speed. Result: it blows at more than 300 km/h and without forcing! (To keep control in cleaning gardens and green spaces, a variable speed drive is present). Although it is quite light for a thermal model (8.2 kg), the brand has equipped it with an ergonomic harness with padding and a ventilated dashboard. Therefore, the comfort of use is guaranteed because heat and weight are well distributed. Your back doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t get too hot. Another significant detail: thanks to a 3-position choke, the device starts easily and the risk of flooding the engine is avoided!

My opinion : I would say that this backpack blower can interest both professionals and individuals, as long as the work surface is not huge (several hectares of garden, for example). If you clearly have no problem blowing the leaves of the grass, on the other hand you are equipped with a 2-stroke engine (and not 4-stroke like in professional machines) and the power is not the same. as in other thermal leaf blowers. However, it is a very good model, especially since it is quite comfortable to wear and does not tire the back too quickly. In terms of fuel consumption, it’s not the most economical, but again, as long as the surface to be cleaned is not too large, it’s not really an issue. Especially since, as it is offered at less than 250 €, it has enough to give in to temptation!

rating 4 out of 5

Ryobi RBV36B

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

ryobi rbv36b blowerWhy deprive yourself when you can do everything at the same time? Blower, vacuum and mulcher, this Ryobi makes yard cleanup even faster! 3 in 1, it easily switches from one function to another and knows how to be efficient and effective in all areas. Its blowing speed can reach 235 km/h, its suction volume is 12 m³/min and, thanks to the metal blades located in front of the turbine, the shredding of green waste is optimal. Thanks to its variable speed drive, it can be controlled in blower and suction mode. And to collect all the waste, it comes with a large 45 L waterproof bag, as easy to put in as it is to take out to empty it (fastening collar and zipper). As a battery, it is compatible with any 36V model but it obviously fits into the brand’s range of gardening tools.

My opinion : The blower/vacuum/shredder concept is really cool, and Ryobi has a very satisfying model here. While I found it sometimes had a little trouble brushing wet leaves or sucking up large pine needles, that didn’t spoil the overall impression. It must be said that blowing everything into a corner and then vacuuming and grinding everything saves precious time. It is obviously not a professional machine, it is more suitable for home use, but it is still very pleasant to use. In particular, it has good maneuverability and, thanks to the switch, no tools are necessary to switch from one function to another. But since no batteries are included, it is better to already have Ryobi 36V tools or at least batteries of this voltage. This will prevent the price from increasing a little more!

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