The 3 (real) best thermal scarifiers in 2022

thermal scarifier

Less moss, more grass!

If you need to give your lawn a little freshness, here is my selection of best thermal scarifiers Of the market !

rating 5 out of 5


Fuxtec FX-BV140

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

fuxtec fx-bv140 thermal scarifierReliable and powerful, it is the ideal moss grinder for a greener lawn! Thanks to its 4 kW 4-stroke engine (just over 5 HP), the Fuxtec FX-BV140 manages to reach 3,400 rpm, which in particular allows its 18 blades and 24 claws to effectively aerate the lawn to eliminate moss and weeds. Whatever the needs, the work carried out is always impeccable since the depth is adjustable in 6 positions, ranging from – 15 mm to + 5 mm. Efficient, it does not forget to be also functional, and this notably involves easy starting thanks to a pull cable. The 3.6 L fuel tank is more than enough for use in complete freedom, while the collection tank has an excellent capacity of 45 L. In terms of maneuverability, the extra wide wheels finally offer perfect grip on the ground while the machine The weight of 38 kg allows it to be easily handled by any user.

My opinion : Of all the thermal scarifiers I’ve tried, this Fuxtec had no trouble ranking among the best and even becoming my favorite. It’s very simple: it really secures at all levels! As soon as I started it I realized that I had a powerful machine in my hands, and after testing it on my parents’ land, I was absolutely delighted with the result (and my parents also !). What makes the strength of this aerator is clearly its many configurations, and above all the fact that it can only scarify on the surface (-3mm) or go much deeper if the grass has been smothered. Not to mention the fact that it turns quite easily and is pleasant to use (effortless start, adjustment by rotary knob, etc.). It still requires a small investment, but given its capabilities, it’s well worth it!

rated 4.5 out of 5

AL-KO Combi Care 38P

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

al-ko combi care 38p thermal scalerTo quickly and effectively maintain any lawn! With this Combi Care 38P, AL-KO offers a complete thermal scarifier capable of scarifying, aerating but also harvesting to permanently eliminate straw, moss or even weeds. To do this, it is equipped above all with a 1.3 kW motor as well as a roller with 14 blades and 24 claws, all in steel, adjustable to 5 positions (with a single movement, thanks to a button, no need for tools). However, the knife is not the only adjustable element since the handlebar can also be adjusted to the size of the user for greater comfort and perfect ergonomics. The fabric collection bag with a capacity of 55 L is also generous enough not to have to empty it too often. The machine finally weighs only 20 kg, which makes it ideal to handle.

My opinion : This AL-KO Combi Care 38P is one of the best value for money you can find on the market! It is not as powerful as the foam breaker that I presented to you just before and I would say that beyond 1200/1500 m² of land it reaches the limit. But apart from these small details, it’s really good! In terms of efficiency, I have absolutely nothing to complain about: it easily detaches everything that prevents the grass from being very green, and I was also surprised by all that I harvested in the bag. And in terms of use, it’s also great: it starts very easily and is just as easy to drive, even if I admit that the two rear wheels would have benefited from being a little larger for even more maneuverability… Overall though, it’s still a good machine, and the price tag might also convince you to give in to this purchase, even if you think you’ll only need it once or twice a year.

rated 4.5 out of 5

ember 212cc

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

armt 212cc thermal scarifierA scarifier and an aerator in the same machine to find a garden worthy of the name! The Brast 212cc offers its two functions thanks to a first roller with 16 blades and a second with 26 claws, the objective is to eliminate moss and weeds while sending more oxygen to the roots of the grass so that she pushes back in full health. Thanks to its 212 cc engine and its 4 kW (5.44 hp) engine, it also has the power to tackle large areas of terrain. Its large 50L collection bag comes to the rescue, as does the 42cm working width which allows you to move faster. Large front and rear wheels ensure easy maneuverability, even on uneven surfaces, while choke and cruise control ensure effortless starting.

My opinion : I couldn’t miss this Brast 212cc which is also an excellent thermal scarifier and one of the best alternatives to Fuxtec! Thanks to its very good performance (and also to its 3.6 L tank), you can absolutely consider it to maintain large surfaces: it will offer you a perfect result, up to your expectations. It’s a sturdier machine, and although it’s quite heavy, I find it quite maneuverable. Setup is also simple, as is editing. Obviously if you’re tackling very large terrain the bulk of the bag can quickly get quite annoying because of all the foam you’ll be removing but as with the others you can use it without this bag so don’t worry do not worry. Is. Even if the price represents once again a certain investment, I do not hesitate to recommend it!

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