The 3 (real) best walk-behind lawnmowers in 2022

manual lawn mower

For a clean, silent and ecological cut!

Enjoying a real resurgence of popularity over the past few years, here is my selection of best push mowers Of the market !

rating 5 out of 5


Fiskars StaySharp Max

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

Fiskars Staysharp Max walk-behind mowerA manual lawn mower, but with results as convincing as a thermal mower! Indeed, Fiskars StaySharp Max is equipped with a patented drive technology developed by the brand: cutting power is guaranteed by the combination of thick tempered steel blades and optimized speed. The force needed to push it is reduced by 60%, and it’s a lot less effort to do… especially with a working width of up to 45 cm! The device is also able to adapt to all needs and desires since it offers 7 different cutting heights, from 25 to 100 mm. On the adjustment side, its handle is also adjustable in height so that each user can adopt a comfortable position. Unlike many models on the market, it finally has 4 wheels, which makes it significantly more stable and manoeuvrable, especially when it comes to turning and cutting with precision on borders, fences, etc.

My opinion : With a manual lawn mower, it should always be assumed that it will require more or less intense physical effort. And on this subject, the Fiskars StaySharp Max is clearly one of the best: even if it remains sporty, I found it much more accessible than others, especially for the elderly, for example. This technology of blades which do not rub against each other is effective and the result obtained is very convincing every time. In a garden with tall grass, which has not been maintained for a long time, it is better to pass twice in a row, but the important thing is that you always manage to offer a clean and tidy soil. And that’s not even mentioning all the other benefits they have, like the fact that it’s pretty quiet and completely eco-friendly. It is certainly a bit expensive, but you will not regret your investment!

rated 4.5 out of 5

Gardena 400C

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

gardena 400c manual lawn mowerThis Gardena 400C is the brand’s most advanced manual lawnmower. It is equipped with a cutting cylinder and a quality hardened steel counter-blade which guarantee precise maintenance of the garden at all times. The lawn is perfectly mown, especially since it is also possible to adjust the cutting height on 4 levels, from 12 to 42 mm. Benefiting from frictionless technology, the device is also very easy to move, especially since it weighs just under 10 kg and its large wheels make it easy to steer. With its 40 cm wide, it can quickly take care of at least 250 m² of land, but the limit does not exist: obviously everything depends on the physical form of the user! Finally, it has been designed to be as ergonomic as possible and take up as little space as possible. It is particularly easy to lift and transport thanks to its handle and can be stored in small spaces.

My opinion : Just because reel mowers don’t have a motor doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all cheaper than thermal ones. But among those present on the market, this Gardena 400C proves to have a very good quality/price ratio. It is very handy, quite light, moves easily and does not make much noise. I also found that it cuts just fine (which is probably the most important thing), as long as you obviously don’t wait too long to turn it on. If the grass is high, it still takes a lot more effort, and probably even a second pass. However, this is the case with all push mowers. Whether it is a garden of 250 m² or a little more, it has many advantages and I can only recommend it. You will not be disappointed!

rated 3.5 out of 5

Bosch AHM30

Editor’s note: 3.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

bosch ahm 30 manual lawn mowerThe Bosch AHM 30 has been specially designed to offer simple and fast cutting of small surfaces. Thanks to its cylindrical cutting system (in the form of helical blades, 4 in number and in hardened steel), it offers excellent cutting quality. The lawn is not torn out, it is cut carefully, very straight, for a very beautiful aesthetic result. The height is also infinitely adjustable (from 12 to 40 mm) and in a very simple way, without the need for tools and with an easy locking (stop click). With its width of 30 cm, it also allows you to work quickly, especially in small gardens and small lawns. And since it weighs only 6 kg, it can finally be moved with ease to take you where you need it.

My opinion : This Bosch AHM 30 corresponds well to the image that we sometimes have of manual lawnmowers. Small in size, requiring 2 or 3 ironings to obtain a more regular mowing and not always able to cut thick stems such as those of dandelions for example. Although it is clearly not the most effective, it still has its advantages. Already, in terms of price, it is well below 100 €, which makes it much more accessible. And above all, not everyone has a plot of 1000 m²! If you live in the city and you have a small patch of greenery, this may be enough. It is true that it will require a little effort for a perfect result (and perhaps some finishing cuts with a chisel…), but it will always be more practical, silent and easy to use than a cheap thermal model.

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