The 5 (real) best braziers in 2022


Cohabitation by the fireside!

Ideal for creating a warm atmosphere, it also allows you to warm up and enjoy the nights longer, even when it’s cool.

Multifunction, cast iron or design, I present to you right away my selection of best homes that you can find on the market!

What is the best fire pit in 2022?

  1. femur – A coffee table brazier (my favorite – really awesome)

  2. Invicta – Cast iron, simple and sturdy.

  3. maxxgarden – Good value for money

  4. repair kit – Gas and super quality

  5. Blumfeldt Supernova – A small inferno in the shape of a fireball (ethanol)

rating 5 out of 5



Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

femoral infernoA totally versatile brazier! This Femor not only provides gentle and pleasant warmth when temperatures drop: thanks to its large size (81 cm long and wide) and its clever design, it also has other functions. Supplied with a grill, it easily converts into a barbecue (the cooking surface, 51 x 51 cm, is also generous) and on hot summer days it is also possible to use its depth of 12 cm to fill it ice for cold drinks in the garden, close at hand. Solid, it is made of high quality steel and its feet give it the necessary stability. It also comes with a domed safety grill that keeps sparks and wood debris from flying.

My opinion : Probably my favorite brazier model! I think this Femor is a success, it’s very easy to use and the fact that it takes the form of a coffee table allows everyone to gather around it naturally and have a good time. I admit that in barbecue mode, it’s necessarily a little weak, but it’s really only a detail, you get used to it fairly quickly, and it’s still not its main function. It is of excellent quality, perfectly stable, it is quite easy to assemble and its screen does its job well: you feel safe even when you are right next to it. It also comes with a waterproof protective cover to protect it when not in use. If I had to recommend just one, it would definitely be this one!

rated 4.5 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

undefeated blazeThe brazier in all its authenticity! Invicta offers here a model entirely made of cast iron, whether it is the tank, the feet or the ember support, and at the same time it has the Origine France label as a true certification of its manufacturing quality. Giving it both strength and charm, this cast iron is made even more elegant by its matte finish. Able to withstand all bad weather, it is an accessory that easily finds its place in the garden, whether to create a warm atmosphere on summer nights or to enjoy cooler nights longer. At 32 cm high, its 70 cm diameter also makes it quite wide, and it is distinguished by its tank aerator and its ash removal function which make it even more pleasant to use.

My opinion : If you like sober and timeless designs and want to furnish your terrace or garden with a brazier you will never get tired of, this Invicta probably has the tricks to please you! When I received it, I couldn’t help but think it was really beautiful, and don’t worry about the finish, it’s actually cast iron, weighs its light weight (about 35 kg) and exudes robustness. Enough to last for many years! Thanks to its large diameter, it also has a large chimney, which makes it even more aesthetic: you can easily make a good fire that you can enjoy all night long. Cast iron requires, obviously not the cheapest, but on the other hand it’s perfect for having fun!

rating 4 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

maxxgarden brazierMaxxGarden designed this fire pit with two essentials in mind for potential buyers: durability and style. This is why this outdoor fireplace is attached to classic and elegant shapes, all in roundness, from a sober color to matte black, and why it is made of high quality steel. Incredibly resistant, it is also not afraid of heat or rust. Although it is light and easily transportable, it is perfectly stable once placed on the ground and its use is carried out in complete safety. This is all the more true since it comes with a protective hood that controls sparks and prevents ashes from flying. Note that, thanks to a grid provided, it can also be quickly transformed into a barbecue so that the moments with you are even more pleasant.

My opinion : Are you looking for good value for money? A solid fireplace, not too small, well designed, but not too expensive? Then you should take a closer look at this MaxxGarden. It’s not the biggest I’ve had the opportunity to install at home, but for evenings with family or friends it fulfills its function perfectly. Similarly, the barbecue grill is not the most practical but to prepare some grilled meats for an aperitif for example, it is more than enough. However, nothing to complain about the quality of manufacture: it seemed solid to me and the protective dome is perfect for enjoying the heat of the flames without being bothered by the ashes. Equip yourself without spending too much, it’s great!

rated 4.5 out of 5

repair kit

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

brazier repair kitThe warmth of fire, the practicality of gas! Unlike conventional braziers, this FixKit opts for gas operation, with electronic piezoelectric ignition, which allows you to enjoy it even faster, without the need to manage the fire, and above all without the inconvenience of fumes, sparks and ashes. Very elegant, it takes the form of a coffee table with a side of 72 cm and a height of 67 cm, inside which the bottle is kept (which therefore does not detract from its aesthetics) but which can also be used as classic storage outside during periods of use (for an outdoor bar, for example). Robust and perfectly suited for outdoor use, whether on the terrace or in the garden, it is finally made of high quality steel, which makes it very resistant.

My opinion : When looking for a brazier to install at home, we do not necessarily think of the fact that there are gas models. And yet, they are the perfect alternative, not least because of their practicality: just press a button and the flame will go out! In this category, this FixKit can boast of excellent quality, and this ignition system even allows you to adjust the intensity, which is obviously impossible in a classic version. It also has the advantage of being quite elegant, thanks in particular to the pretty lava stones that surround the flame. Like the first one I presented to you, it also opts for the coffee table/side table format, which allows it to be even more useful for daytime use. You can totally let yourself be tempted, it’s a very good choice!

rating 4 out of 5

Supernova Blumfeldt

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

blumfeldt supernova brazierUnique and design, the Blumfeldt Supernova is an elegant ball brazier in brushed stainless steel that runs on ethanol. This small detail allows it to be completely odourless, ashless and smokeless, and thanks to a generously sized bowl, it is able to enjoy a good fire for 4 hours in a row. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, during the summer months for a romantic atmosphere only during the cool nights for a little warmth, its design has been thought to be as practical as possible. Specifically, it has a plate on the underside which, in addition to being non-slip, perfectly insulates against heat. 25 cm in diameter, it is finally delivered with its cover to be able to turn it off very easily.

My opinion : In fireball mode, for an impressive effect! Due to its size, the Blumfeldt Supernova is obviously not the kind of campfire around which you will gather all your friends and family to warm up. On the other hand, it is capable of creating a real atmosphere and becomes almost the perfect decorative object on your terrace, the one that your guests will not fail to notice. I also find it perfect for creating a romantic setting during a one-on-one dinner. Ethanol is quite an expensive fuel, its tank limits it to 4 hours of use and therefore you will not light it every night… But it is so beautiful with its spherical shape and the flame it produces is so elegant that it can quickly become a must-have for your evenings!

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