The effortless garden: 5 clever tools

Gardening is a very useful and rewarding activity, but it also requires a lot of work and can be exhausting .

fortunately there is smart tools , which can help us to do some operations faster and reduce the physical effort of growth. I’m not talking about expensive power tools to mechanize work, but about simple hand tools that have been made with innovative ideas or particularly ergonomic shapes.

here or i will tell you 5 that you may not be familiar with that can make typical farming operations much easier. Try to believe that these tools can revolutionize the working method. So here are 5 good ideas for save time and avoid back pain in the garden.

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  • 1 – Working the land with technovanga

    • Alternative: aeroforca or grelinette

  • 2 – Sow quickly: wheeled seed drills

  • 3 – Transplant without bending down: the transplanter

  • 4 – Against weeds: the perfect chaff

  • 5 – Support for tall plants: a spiral spacer

1 – Working the land with technovanga

One of the heaviest jobs in the field it is to be shoveled manually, but it is very useful for keeping the soil loose and draining. When paddling, you force yourself to do a lot of back strokes bending with each depression of the blade, in order to tilt the handle to move it, breaking up the compact soil.

There is a shovel with a special mechanism which allows the announcement I move the tilt of the handle avoiding leaning your back and using more leverage .

His name is Technovanga and it’s a really effective system to experiment with. Personally, I prefer it in the fork version, because in my opinion it is better to break up the clods without turning them over, while respecting the micro-organisms in the soil.

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