The ideal tool against weeds: the weeder

Today I’m talking about a tool very useful control weeds in the garden: the weeder .

For me it was a revelation, in its simplicity it is capable of speed up one of the most annoying and frequent jobs in the garden : pulling weeds. I discovered it while looking for ways to squeeze between the rows of saffron plants and it immediately became an indispensable tool in all my small cultivations. I advise you to try it because it allows you to do a job well done and you save a lot of time and effort compared to tearing by hand.

The concept is very Easy : there is a toothed roller at the front, which breaks up the clod, followed by a blade which, passing a few centimeters below ground level, cuts the weeds by the roots.

What is this tool for?

There are many ways to live with and control wild weeds, starting with mulching, but very often weeds need to be weeded and weeding is valuable in this regard.

The weeder does double duty : on the one hand, with the wheel, it performs simple superficial tillage of the soil, on the other hand, with the blade, it acts as a real weeder, eliminating weeds.

Work from the stands It is important because it allows the soil to oxygenate, breaking the surface crust which, by dint of going further, is really detrimental to the crop. Moving the soil is very important in general, bulb and root vegetables like radishes, carrots, garlic and onions are especially beneficial.

cannabis control This is one of the most difficult jobs in the garden, it becomes particularly important for plants that do not grow very tall, such as lettuces or spinach, and therefore suffer more from competition from wild grasses.

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