The organic cultivation of Beldì aromatic plants

I present to you a nice book on aromatic plants , complete and very clear in the explanations. We are talking about a practical manual , where you will find, without too many frills, everything you need to start growing herbs. So if you are considering adding new scents to your garden” is definitely the book for you.

The structure of this manual, published by Terra Nuova, is simple and functional with the aim of: the first 30 pages contain general indications (tillage, planting, repotting, harvesting and conservation…) and some ideas for using aromatic herbs in the garden (creating hedges, attracting bees, forming a spiral…). the the heart of the book itself are the culture sheets , which take up the remaining 130 pages. From A for garlic to Z for saffron, we find a very complete list of the main aromatic and medicinal plants that can be grown in our climate.

It has a certain effect to look at the list of herbs: there is about fifty and even those who are experienced growers will no doubt find in all this wealth something they have yet to experience.

The book is therefore strongly recommended, which is normal since the author, Francesco Beldi wrote some of the most important Italian organic farming manuals (including Il mio orto biologica e Difendere l$0027orto con remedies naturali, which you will find commented on in this column), in short, a name, a guarantee.


Where to buy the book

There are books that are worth buying because they should be close at hand and consulted when needed. The organic cultivation of aromatic plants is certainly one of them.

I offer you three possibilities to buy Francesco Beldì’s book online:

  • Buy directly from the publisher . Terra Nuova is a very good publisher, I recommend buying directly from them to accompany them best, especially if you are also interested in other texts published by them.
  • Buy on Macrolibrate . As it is an Italian company specialized in organic farming, it is worth rewarding the ethical choice.
  • Buy on Amazon . With the Prime program, Amazon guarantees fast delivery and postage savings, but personally I still prefer Macrobooks.

Highlights of this scent book

  • lots of crop leaves : the book contains indications for a wide range of species.
  • practical approach . A book that wants to provide the reader with all the useful concepts in practice to begin to grow.
  • Great clarity in technical explanations (strong point of all the books of Francesco Beldì).

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