The rake: garden tools

The rake is a very useful tool for gardeners and can have a double function: it serves both to collect grass and to level the ground. Raking the ground is one of the oldest operations in agriculture, depending on its use, different rakes can be chosen, which vary in number of teeth, sizes and materials. A thin metal rake is needed to prepare the seedbed, while a lighter tool with long, wide tines is more suitable for clearing the lawn.

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The rake used to cut grass or move straw usually has long, wide tines and a long handle. To work faster, it is good to choose a sufficiently wide rake. Normally the handle is in wood, while the teeth can be in plastic or always in wood, to use non-polluting materials. If you only have to pick up grass or leaves, keeping it light is important, even at the cost of strength. If the tines are too close together, the rake gets stuck between the grass stalks and is therefore not very functional.

When the earth has to be moved, for example to level it and prepare the seedbed, a heavy and powerful rake is necessary. For this type of work, iron teeth are usually chosen, not very long, but close to each other. This type of tool is handy for leveling potholes or bumps in the ground, the weight maintains good contact with the ground and the dense tines create a perfect planting surface. The handle in this case may not be very long, since the work is quite tiring. The rake is also useful when sowing with a spreader to lightly bury the seed.

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