Tips for getting geraniums to flower

Geraniums are a classic for the spring and summer months. Its easy maintenance and fantastic flowering, capable of being present for several months in a row, make this plant an almost obligatory option for anyone who can enjoy a small balcony or terrace with plenty of light.

Oops We just unveiled one of the tips for making geraniums bloom. And it is that the light and the incidence of the sun are a very important part to guarantee a good flowering in this plant.

However, in this article, we reveal some additional tricks to you. Dark.


List of tips for making geraniums bloom at home or in the garden

access to light

The access to full light This is an essential condition for correct and voluminous flowering in the cultivation of geraniums.

This plant needs high doses of light and does not mind being grown in full sun in spring (in summer, not so much, because the very high temperatures make the plant ugly and reduce the coloring of the leaves and flowers).

For correct flowering, the light stimulation (at least 6 to 8 hours of full light) is necessary for the plant to stimulate the production of flower buds.

This happens because when the geranium has access to light, it photosynthesizes properly, which results in more sugars, carbohydrates, and protein accumulation. These carbon-rich components accumulated in the plant and in the sap (phloem) signal the plant to stimulate flowering.

For this reason, in the absence of flower buds, the best trick for geraniums to flourish is to find a new location with better access to light.

blooming geraniums

irrigation management

Irrigation is an important factor in the flowering of all crops. It is customary to reduce the water supply just before the flower buds form, before they open.

When the plant is slightly stressed (imperceptible to the naked eye) due to the lack of humidity in the substrate, it usually activates the process of flower formation or fruit ripening, so if we know how to control this operation it will surely guarantee a greater number of flowers in the geranium.

The trick is increase the frequency of watering a few days longer than planned, allowing the substrate to dry out between watering and watering. This operation is usually done in early springas day length increases.

Fertilizer supply

Fertilizer plays a vital role and is an extra tip for geraniums to flower properly.

At this stage, the contribution of phosphorus is important, but always mixed with nitrogen, potassium and micronutrients.

An appropriate early spring nutrient ratio to stimulate geranium flowering is NPK 1.5-1-2. For example an NPK 12-8-16 granular fertilizer.

Among the micronutrients, boron is essential for flowering, as it improves the quality and quantity of the flowers produced.


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Use of biostimulants

In this section on the use of fertilizers to achieve greater flowering of geranium, we cannot forget about the well-known biostimulants. A selected group of components that, together with the fertilizer, allow to accelerate the desired results in any crop.

Some of them are:

  • Amino acids: they are applied to leaves or irrigated at a dose of 3-5 ml/L of water. They provide energy and carbon-rich compounds that stimulate flower formation, improving flower quality and plant vigor. A perfect “must” when you have a weakened geranium with a lack of growth.
  • Seaweed: algae act as physiological regulators, with particular emphasis on flowering. The most common are Ecklonia Maxima Yes Gnarled Ascophyllum. They are applied at a dose of 2-3 ml/L of water both foliar (spray) and irrigation (greater root development).
  • Humic and fulvic acids: they improve the quality of the substrate and have a rooting effect, generating a stronger plant and, therefore, with a greater ability to produce flowers in the geranium. They are applied at doses of 1-3 ml/L of water, always in irrigation.
blooming geraniums

Good size management

Pruning is another mechanism of regulate plant growth and encourage the generation of flower stalks in geranium. This trick, as well as the management of light, are the most interesting points for making geraniums bloom.

In this article on pruning geraniums, we give you all the details, such as the ideal time and the stems to remove for get a balanced plant and perfect for growing the following season.

Other key points

Last but not least, make sure that health of our geranium. The presence of aphids, mites or the geranium moth (Cacyreus marshalli) will exponentially reduce our plant’s ability to produce flowers.

Or even worse, in full bloom you will lose it in a few days.

Don’t forget weekly observe the state of your plantlooking for holes and watching the leaves in case we find an unwanted insect or mite.

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