Tips for Growing Vegetables in Containers

If you don’t have land to cultivate, know that gardening can also be done on a balcony by growing vegetables in pots or crates. So do not be discouraged and you can try to cultivate, even on a small scale, also the terrace.

It is not the same to cultivate in the open field than to do it in a pot, it may be useful to give some advice to those who want to start growing on the balcony and do not know how to do it.

Here are three very important points for the success of this activity. These are good general tips, at Orto Da Coltivare we then go into detail on each aspect of container growing with dedicated articles, which can be found in the balcony garden guide.

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  • Frequent and constant watering

  • Choosing the right plants to pot

    • Specific advice on vegetables

  • Potting soil and fertilizer


Frequent and constant registration

If you are gardening, you can also forget about watering for a few days, but the vase is smaller and dries quickly. The plant kept in a pot cannot develop its root system deep enough and goes in search of humidity in the basement because it quickly touches the bottom of the pot. For this reason, you should never let our balcony vegetables run out of water and water them frequently. It is not necessary to give a lot of water if the pot is small, it is better rather water little but often ensuring that the water also reaches the bottom of the pot.

Choosing the right plants for the pot

Growing potatoes or growing strawberries are not the same thing, we recommend that you carefully choose the most productive and useful varieties to keep in your pots. First of all, the terraces are usually a few square meters and should remain as a passage, so you will need design with care your balcony garden to optimize it. For example, it is possible to grow zucchini on the balcony, but they may take up a lot of space by dominating the terrace, so for those that are only small in size it is better to double on smaller plants.

The choice of dwarf varieties it is preferable, because when a plant grows, it also requires a large root system, which is not possible if it is limited by the pot.

Some plants also lend themselves to a vertical garden, climbing on supports: where there is a usable wall or railing this can be a good idea, even decorative.

Among the plants particularly suitable for the balcony garden, there are certainly lettuces (lettuce, arugula, radicchio), cherry tomatoes, herbs (sage, thyme, rosemary, etc.), strawberries, peppers. If you have room, opt for eggplant and peppers, but also cabbage and cauliflower, beans or green beans.

vegetable-specific tips

jarred tomatoes

bell peppers and peppers

potted beans

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