Velvety zucchini soup

Velvety Zucchini Soup is a light vegetarian starter, perfect for the summer when these vegetables are at their peak of season. Excellent recipe for a light dinner, it can be prepared in advance and eaten warm, to be enjoyed even in the hottest seasons.

The preparation of the velvety zucchini soup is very simple and customizable at will by adding, for example, aromatic herbs or spices: mint, ginger, lemon, parsley are just a few of the many possibilities, the chef’s imagination can run wild. Since there are no ingredients of animal origin, this velvet is suitable for vegan diets.

And if you have a vegetable garden and you have an abundant harvest of zucchini, you can prepare the velvet in large quantities and freeze it to have it also in winter, when unfortunately these vegetables are no longer available.

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