vinegar gardener

The Escabeche du Jardinier is a mixture of crunchy and gourmet vegetables to serve as a starter, as a cold side dish or to accompany an aperitif.

It is usually prepared with carrots, celery, onions and peppers, but there are many variations related to vegetable availability and personal taste. Depending on the harvest obtained in the garden, you can therefore choose to adapt the composition of the pot of pickled vegetables.

The preparation is simple and the vinegar guarantees good preservation, provided it has an acidity of at least 6%. If you want to keep the planter for a long time, pasteurization is recommended: to prevent the vegetables from losing too much consistency, it is advisable to cut them into pieces that are not too small and to use jars with a capacity of 250 ml, in order to reduce the time pasteurization and have more full-bodied vegetables that would be hard to get in large jars.

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