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Hedge plants are the answer if you’re tired of staring at the next block wall or need to watch your neighbor take out the trash in your pajamas, don’t worry you can get the fastest growing hedge plants to help you. privacy.

Fast-growing hedges are increasingly popular because they have an immediate beautifying effect on your home and because they grow quickly, you don’t need a lot of tall plants.

A fast growing hedge plant increases privacy and some hedges are purely decorative while others have mainly practical functions. That’s why you need taller hedges that grow very quickly. Whatever your reason for wanting a taller hedge plant, it’s a good idea to choose a plant that will look great in any space.

Fast growing hedges are always in high demand and help you save money as they grow quickly and can be trimmed to precise sizes and shapes when used decoratively.


What are the fastest growing privacy hedge plants?

These are the fastest growing privacy hedge plants.

1. Pyrancatha Orange Hedge

Known for its fast growing evergreen hedge, this plant bears vibrant berries in the fall and produces fragrant white flowers in the summer. Pyracantha Orange Hedge is very attractive and this hedge plant grows approximately 12″ to 6″ each year, is wonderful for developing a natural aesthetic appearance and can also be used as a vine for trellises and fence decoration.

Pyracantha makes a good security hedge due to its tall thorns and will thicken quickly into a dense and attractive evergreen hedge. This hedge prefers full sun to partial shade and planting in very fertile soil will ensure rampant growth.

2. Cherry laurel

Cherry laurel is a reliable and easy to grow plant, and is also one of the most popular fast-growing hedge plants, especially for those looking for a classic evergreen hedge. It is densely covered in glossy dark green evergreen foliage that will be a beautiful feature in your garden all year round. It can reach 40 feet tall and 60 inches tall each year, although it often looks smaller when grown outdoors.

3. The Golden Leylandii

Golden leylandii is another very popular hedge plant, and this hedge gives you the same characteristics as the traditional leylandii hedge with evergreen foliage and a dense habit, it is a fast growing evergreen that forms a dense evergreen hedge that will give you offers a screen all year round. . It has a rapid growth rate of around 60cm per year and makes an attractive addition of golden foliage.

4. Green bamboo

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Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, which is why it is considered the best hedging plant for privacy. It’s the perfect way to give your garden an exotic touch as it provides dancing evergreen cover. Green bamboo is the best choice for creating a natural green screen or privacy screen, it has a growth rate of over 60cm per year.

5. Blackthorn Hedge Plant

The blackthorn hedge plant is also known by its Latin name Prunus spinosa. This fast growing plant can grow 40-60cm per year and has beautiful white spring flowers. They are wildlife-friendly and have spiny stems, making them perfect for warding off intruders. This plant works well as a native and mixed hedge.

6. Alder hedge

Alder hedge is another privacy hedge worth considering, it is a fast growing deciduous hedge plant and is one of the native hedge plants that thrive and grow in moist soil and can sometimes improve the quality of poor soil because they have nitrogen-fixing properties. The alder hedge grows about 60 cm each year and the dense foliage makes the alder hedge a very effective windbreak.

7. Griselinia littoralis

What are the fastest growing privacy hedge plants?

It is an evergreen hedge plant known in New Zealand as kapuka where it originated and has apple green, pear shaped leaves suitable for growing in sheltered areas or gardens by the sea. This hedge plant is suitable for normal calcareous and clay soils, in full sun to partial shade and should be avoided in northern and exposed situations. It grows about 30 cm per year.

final thoughts

The first step in planting hedges is to prepare the ground and make sure to keep your hedges at a reasonable height so that your neighbors have no problem with the hedges, especially if they are grown along the municipal boundary.

Hedges give a sense of privacy and also provide a sort of boundary that helps divide your garden into organized sections. They are also excellent alternatives to fences and, in addition, they are among the popular hedge plants that are also very easy to maintain.

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