What plants to put near a swimming pool

A swimming pool buried in your garden is very popular for enjoying a good swim on the first sunny days. But the gardener will also want to protect it from prying eyes and the wind, making the most of the sun. The landscaping must ensure that it blends harmoniously into the environment, without disturbing the tranquility of bathers, or multiplying maintenance operations.


Why landscape the edges of your swimming pool?

The plants on the edge of your pool will help you create the atmosphere, make you dream, transport you elsewhere… This vegetation also serves to ensure a certain aesthetic continuity with the rest of your outdoor spaces, as well as to highlight your swimming pool while integrating it harmoniously with the rest of the decoration.

In addition, these plants, depending on their shape and size, can hide certain elements that are less pleasing to the eye, such as the technical room or the safety barriers.

And since the swimming pool is a call to disconnect and relax, you can recreate a southern, exotic, contemporary, zen or more rural landscape, according to your tastes and desires, but also according to the climate of your region.

Obviously, landscaping is not the only thing capable of creating a unique environment. If you’re looking for advice, visit piscinasonline, where you’ll find ideas for improving your pool if you don’t want (or can’t) resort to our beloved plants.

To facilitate the maintenance of your plants, leave enough free space, not less than 50 cm and ideally at least 1 meter, to be able to circulate around the edge of your pond. This means that the direct environment of your pool will be mostly dominated by minerals. By placing your plants at the right distance, you will limit the presence of leaves on the sidewalk, in the paths and in the water of the bath.

Also pay attention to the direction of the wind: be careful not to plant plants with pale leaves in the wrong place, which could end up in the water. You can plant in certain places around your pond, to stop the circulation of the leaves of the plants located further, in the direction of the wind.

Keep in mind that potted plants require regular watering, which is not the case for plants in the ground which need less or even much less water.

Tropical plants for an exotic style

pool atmosphere idea tropical plantsThe garden becomes exotic and reflects a festive atmosphere! No need to go to the other side of the world when your garden makes you travel. Then opt for an exotic environment with plants with large shiny leaves, bold and colorful flowers. Palm trees, stars of the tropical style, will go perfectly with your turquoise pool. Some species like Trachycarpus fortunei they resist to -15°C. Then you can plant it near the pool, both in pots and in the ground.

Pair it with a banana ! Musja basjoo withstands temperatures down to -12°C (if you’re from Teruel, forget it). It works wonders in a flowerbed accompanied by ferns, a mahonia and bamboo. With these prominent foliage, there is no doubt that your garden will be imbued with exotic notes.

a Mediterranean atmosphere

mediterranean swimming pool backgroundThe song of the cicadas, the sun, the sea… But also, the gray and aromatic foliage, the colorful flowers and the citrus fruits. The Mediterranean style offers gardens where life is good. The sea is then replaced by a basin with a dark blue coating, accompanied by plants. plant a olive near your swimming pool, its evergreen leaves are unlikely to fall into the water and will decorate all year round.

For maximum color, go for a bougainvillea whose pink, orange, yellow or white bracts cover the bush all summer. This fresh plant will be grown in pots in the driest regions. Create Mediterranean massifs, mix lavender, thyme, rosemary, oleander, plumbago… Add an orange tree and a lemon tree to a pot and you’ll think you’re in the heart of Provence!

Groups of flowering perennials

idea to plant flowers in the poolA border flower bed of a swimming pool it’s possible! As long as you follow certain rules. Leave a space of 1.50 to 2 m between the bed and the pool to prevent plant debris from falling into the water. It is advisable to put a mineral mulch at the foot of the plants to prevent the soil from ending up in the water, carried away by the wind. Next, choose flowering perennials that will stay put. In the shade, prefer hostas, heuchera, hearts of Mary, perennial geraniums or bergenias. In the sun, it combines echinacea, gauras, acanthus and nepetas. To vary the textures, add some herbs like the pennisetum and the stipas.

structured pots

pool pot plant ideaHave you built a large terrace around your swimming pool? You can totally invert this space for a relaxing summer.

Between deckchairs and parasols, plant potted plants! Think about combining cold species that you will bring in winter and more hardy species that will stay outside. For instance, Phorium , a tall perennial with green, yellow, red or purple stems. Tolerant down to -°C, it must be stored before the first frosts. Combine this colorful perennial with safe bets such as a box tree or a Mexican orange tree, a beautiful evergreen shrub with a rounded silhouette.

A hedge that hides

pool cover ideaWant to swim in peace? Picking out a persistent hedge that protects you from prying eyes.

For this, nothing could be simpler, just plant evergreen shrubs such as privet, laurels, cypresses, cedars or even pittosporums. They will need to be trimmed to maintain an impeccable shape. But you will fully enjoy your pool without worrying about the neighbors!

The elegance of white flowers

idea white flower garden swimming poolRoses are ideal plants by the pool. Indeed, when planted in large numbers, they cause a surprising from late spring. when choosing aromatic species you can bathe enjoying its musky and sweet aroma. To create a beautiful clump, opt for species with a bushy habit. Dwarf varieties are ideal for forming a beautiful, dense, flowery ground cover.

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