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calla lilies bloom in spring

Creek flowers are some of the most beautiful that can be enjoyed on a patio or in the garden. Whether our plant is of the common variety, which produces white flowers, as if of other colors, If we give them some basic care, they will surely look very beautiful. when it’s time to bloom.

But, when callas bloom If you want them to be magnificent so that you can decorate your house or the balcony with them, for example, it is very important to know when they bloom, and what you can do to make them do so each year.


When do calla lilies bloom?

Colorful calla lilies bloom in summer

Image – Flickr/José Luis Cernadas Iglesias

If you’re looking for the short answer, it’s: in spring and summer. But if you want to know when exactly, at what time of spring and/or summer, know that it will largely depend on the climatic and growing conditions. And it is that these plants are native to tropical Africa, which means that they need heat to flourish.

For this reason, it should not surprise us that, for example, some years they bloom earlier and others later, because sometimes spring is delayed or advanced. This is normal, because the climate is not an exact science. But yes we can know that our coves are about to bloom if the minimum temperature exceeds 10ºC and the maximum is near or above 20ºC. If, in addition, the relative humidity of the air is high, above 50%, and they are exposed to the sun, we probably won’t have to wait long for them to bloom.

But what if one year they don’t bloom? Then we will have to find out if something is wrong with them.

How to make callas bloom?

Calla lily flowers are beautiful, but sometimes they can take a while to come out. If the plant does not receive the care it needs, it will struggle to flower. For this reason, we must make sure that she is well cared for or if, on the contrary, we make a mistake in her care. Therefore, we are going to see what we must do to make our coves happy:

Put them in a sunny place

As we said before, sun exposure is very important for creeks. This is when they grow best and bloom most eagerly. Even though they may be in partial shade, I advise placing them in a place where they receive direct light for at least 6 hoursfor example, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In addition, you should also keep in mind the height they will reach when they produce their flowers, because it would not be correct to place them near small plants if they need sun. Thus, they will always stand behind these so that they do not give them a shadow.

Water them frequently but without overdoing it.

calla lilies bloom in spring

Image – Flickr/manual mv

Calla lilies are plants that need slightly moist soil, but the truth is that if they were planted, for example, in pots without holes or in heavy soil that has difficulty absorbing water, the roots would die. For him, it will be appropriate to choose a light and soft floor (like this one here) so that when we water or it rains the roots don’t have bad times, but on the contrary: they can make the most of this water to hydrate and grow.

But, How often should you water the creeks? During the summer it will be done about 4 times a week, but as the rest of the year the temperatures are cooler, it will be watered a few times a week.

Choose the right pot

If you still plan to have your potted handles, you must choose one that has holes in its base. And it is that those that do not, although they are beautiful, cause a lot of problems for the roots, since the water, not being able to get out, remains stagnant where the root system is.

What you can do is put a plate under it, but don’t forget to remove the water that remains after watering. otherwise you run the same risk as if the plants were in these pots without holes.

In addition, it is advisable to plant them in larger pots as soon as they are purchased, so that they can continue to grow.

Fertilize the coves so they bloom

Do you want to make sure they will bloom? Next I recommend paying them from spring to late summer with organic fertilizers like guano (on sale here), or with liquid fertilizers for flowering plants (get it here). But yes, follow the instructions for use at all times, otherwise you could cause an overdose, burn the roots and cause the leaves to dry out prematurely.

How many times a year do calla lilies bloom?

Calla lilies bloom only once per season, but depending on the variety, they will bloom for a few months or longer. For example, the common calla (with white flowers) does this in the spring, but the colored ones do this during the summer. So don’t worry if you see them delaying: it may not be the time yet, or they may not be getting all the care I just talked about.

With all of these tips, we hope your calla lilies will bloom again.

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