Where to buy earthworm humus in bulk in Spain

If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’re interested buy wholesale worm castings. From La Huertina de Toni we have always chosen to explain the benefits of earthworm humus because we believe that it is undoubtedly the best natural fertilizer on the market. As regular readers of this blog know, we do not sell anything but try to help our subscribers choose the best options for their crops and needs.

bulk worm castings

Although we like to prepare our own hummus, it is true that depending on each person’s needs, something complicated can be done to generate large amounts of worm castings to fertilize a large field. For this reason we will see today where to buy bulk worm castings, already prepared, without you having to spend time or space preparing it in your farm, garden or orchard.


Buy worm humus at wholesale price

As you already know, vermicompost is undoubtedly one of the best natural fertilizers. It contains nutrients necessary for plant development such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron among many others. In addition, it adds porosity to the soil, improves drainage and helps protect crops thanks to all the microorganisms it brings.

Apparently, lombec is one of the largest producers of earthworm humus in Spain. They were dedicated to sale of castings to wholesalersproducing several thousand tons of this excellent quality fertilizer annually, since they only use cow manure from neighboring farms that comply with the regulations for organic food production.

If you are planning to buy earthworm humus in bulk, either for your farm or for bagging with your own brand, this company has 750kg bags of loose earthworm humus. find where buy organic worm castings at wholesale prices, it’s not easy and you always start from a certain amount. But in this case you can buy from a single bag up to 32, which would be about 24,000 kg (a full truck or trailer of worm castings).

worm castings buy wholesale

If you are thinking of buying humus for your nursery, garden or growshop, you can also buy the earthworm humus at distributor price in pallets of earthworm castings bags of 25kg (40 bags come per pallet), 15kg (60 bags come per pallet) and 4kg (240 bags come per pallet).

The best thing to recommend when looking for a good earthworm humus is that it be finely sieved, that is to say that it has undergone a 4mm sieving process and the color is very dark. Of course, another of the important characteristics is that it has a high content of organic material and of course this hummus from the Lombec brand amply meets both requirements (on its website you can see its certificate of analysis).

About the humus industrial production process

01 – Previous composting process

The organic matter used is basic to ensure good earthworm humus (waste from the sewage treatment plant, or the mixture of various fertilizers with pruning, greatly reduce the quality of the humus). LOMBEC brand worm castings are produced exclusively from manure of animal origin (perfectly composted manure) which comes from very close farms to avoid the use of fuel and its consequent emissions of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide. carbon, the main cause of climate change. .

These farms respect the environmental regulations in terms of waste management with self-composting at source and, in addition, they respect the regulations in terms of organic food production.

Before reaching the production plant, where the California red worms turn the compost into humus, the manure is crushed and turned several times over several months.

worm humus industrial process

02 – Earthworm feeding process

By the time the compost is already fermented, the rows are fed so that the worms eat the compost and excrete it as vermicompost. The way to apply the compost on the rows is as follows: with a spreading trailer, it is passed along the rows and made successive layers. The freshest food is in the upper layers and the worms move up to seek it, leaving the already excreted humus below. This process is done continuously throughout the year and it is important to water the rows continuously so that the worms can eat, live and reproduce in a sufficiently humid environment.

Once the humus (which remains at the base of the rows) has been obtained, it undergoes a sun-drying process, is removed from the field and transferred to the screening plant. Previously, the rows are divided into two to continue to keep the worms and create new beds with them.

feed loose humus worms

03 – Screening process and packaging in Big Bags

When the humidity of the earthworm humus is optimal, it is passed through a circular or drum sieve called a trommel which has a mesh of about 4 mm, which allows the finished product to be separated from the rest of the elements. unwanted. This fine sieving eliminates the remains of straw, stones and other impurities that may come from the field. In this way, it is guaranteed that the earthworm humus to be marketed in bulk It has a uniform grain size, it has a spongy and very dark appearance.

At this stage, the bacterial flora and the pH stabilize and the preparation for the wholesale worm castings It’s ready. It is time to bag the product in big bags or big bags of about 750kg, but they can also be bagged in smaller bag formats (25 or 15kg for example).

sieve worm castings

04 – Application of earthworm humus in the fields to be fertilized

The ideal is to apply the product as close as possible to the roots, therefore manual and localized application is always the best option, although it is obvious that in large areas of cultivation this process becomes difficult. Therefore, in field crops this is usually done with a spreader trailer as this allows a surface fertilization which will improve the structure of the soil and its bacterial life. As humus is an organic fertilizer of direct assimilation but of slow absorption, irrigation and rain allow it to dissolve in the soil and the roots absorb its nutrients little by little while it is filtered and mixed with the soil. .

how to use bulk worm castings

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