What to plant in March

March can be a cold and rainy month depending on the area, but it is also a month with more daylight hours and, if the weather is sunny and with good temperatures.

It is a good month to start with the nurseries, in the table that you will find below we show you the vegetables you can plant in your garden during the month of Marchbut always paying attention to temperatures and possible frost.

The ideal in this month is to start with sheltered nurseries or nurseries in a warm bed, always protecting the seedlings from the possible cold.


March sowing calendar

namesowing timetype of sowingPlanting frame(cm)

chard All year Broadcast/Online/Seedbed 50-80×30-50
Artichoke March, June Foyer 100-150×40-60
Celery March, June Foyer 80-90×30-40
Aubergine january april Foyer 70-80×40-50
Zucchini february may To blows/Nursery 80-100×40-50
Pumpkin March, June To blows/Nursery 100-200×50-100
late onion December – March Foyer 30-40×20-30
annual chives february may In rows/seedlings 30-40×10-20
Parsnip March – October In rows/seedlings 50-60×30-40
endive march may In rows/seedlings 50-60×30-40
Asparagus february may Foyer 100-150×20-30
Spinach All year By Broadcast/Online 50-70
Chickpea february april In lines 75×20
Peas September – March In lines 80×20
Bean august february In lines 70-80×10-20
Bean February – October In lines 70-100×10-20
Salad All year Foyer 50-70×20-30
Lens October – March In lines 20×5
sweet corn March, June In lines 70-80×15-20
Cantaloupe January, May To blows/Nursery 100-150×50
table turnip All year In lines 50-60×10-20
Cucumber February June To blows/Nursery 80-100×30-35
Parsley All year By Broadcast/Online 50-70
Pepper January, May Foyer 70-80×40-50
Leek All year In rows/seedlings 60-80×10-20
radish All year By Broadcast/Online 50-70
Beet All year In lines 60-80
salsify march may In lines 50-70
Watermelon January, May To blows/Nursery 150-200×50
tetragony february july Seedbed/In rows 50×40
Tomato December – March Foyer 80×40
Carrot All year By Broadcast/Online 50-70

Be careful! If your garden is in the southern hemisphere, this calendar will correspond to the month of September.

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