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What can I plant near eggplant? Eggplant belongs to the nightshade family and is an excellent companion for many garden crops.

Eggplant is a warm weather crop with a long growing season, and one of the reasons gardeners love it is because of the variety of sizes, colors, and shapes it comes in. Like any other garden crop, eggplants thrive when planted with a few specific crops.

Eggplants with their deep purple hue are not only tasty in dishes, but can also be used to ward off garden pests. If you enjoy grilling indoors, eggplant is a crop you’ll want to have in your garden.

Community planting is a gardening process as old as gardening itself. In fact, it’s about placing plants together that support and stimulate each other. Eggplants are health foods from organic farming that gardeners have always planted in their gardens.


10 best plants to grow eggplants

Eggplants can be great companion plants, but keep in mind that they are easy to care for and not only need lots of sun, but also need different nutrients than you would expect. they will get soil. But supplemental planting with certain plants can stimulate growth and increase yields.

1. Nightshade

Other members of the nightshade family, such as tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes, would make excellent companions for eggplants. It belongs to the same nightshade family as potatoes and needs similar growing requirements without competing with each other. Bell peppers can help keep insects away from eggplants, and be careful of the type of nightshade planted near eggplants.

2. broccoli

Fresh raw organic broccoliImage: Envato Elements

Broccoli can be very beneficial for eggplants. Eggplants are big eaters, which means they need lots of nutrients to thrive. Broccoli planted near eggplants can add nutrients to the soil to help the eggplants deflect some of them.

3. Nasturtiums

If you are looking for the best flower to grow near eggplants, you should go for nasturtiums. They are attractive flowers that help deter aphids. Gardeners plant these flowers a short distance from garden vegetables to attract aphids.

4. borage

Borage can help deter pests that can harm your eggplants, while also attracting beneficial insects.

5. Polar Beans

Green beans are great for eggplants, they release extra nitrogen into the surrounding soil so the eggplants can thrive.

6. Rosemary

Rosemary Companion PlantsImage: Envato Elements

Another great houseplant for your eggplants is rosemary. They are used to repel Colorado potato beetles which is a great deterrent for eggplants. Strong herbs are the best choice of herbs and can also help enhance the flavor of eggplants.

7. Spinach

Eggplants grow well when planted alongside spinach. Although there is no evidence of benefits as well as benefiting from each other. They are considered compatible and will not transmit known pests or pathogens to each other.

8. Radish

Radishes attract flea beetles and, like nasturtiums, can be used as a trap crop. To eradicate flea beetles from your garden, they can be planted from a safe distance, but if you are unfamiliar with the trapping method, this is not recommended.

9. Oregano

Eggplant Companion Plants

Oregano is one of the best plants for any garden crop. Planting them near eggplants can help repel aphids, spider mites and cabbage moths. It also attracts beneficial pollinators like bees and ladybugs.

10. coin

Mints are excellent companions for eggplants. They help repel pests and keep them away. The best mints to grow near eggplants are winter mint, peppermint, and spearmint. They are easy to grow and can also help keep insects away from your eggplants.

What not to plant with eggplants?

Eggplant happens to be one of the prettiest vegetable crops, but poor planning can make it look bad. Therefore, to be sure, companion planting is important. After knowing some of the best plants to grow near eggplants, here are some that you should not avoid planting near them.

1. Corn

Corn is not a friendly plant to have around eggplants. It can retard growth and attract negative insects to eggplants.

2. Fennel

Another crop that will stunt eggplant growth when planted together is fennel. Fennel will increase eggplant competition for nutrients and is also not an addition to a garden food plant.

3. Geraniums

These plants are excellent as repellents for certain crops and are often recommended for eggplants. But they also harbor diseases that can be easily transmitted to eggplants.

frequently asked Questions

Are eggplants easy to grow?

Eggplants will be considered very easy to plant, if not eggplant flea beetles, to which they are often susceptible. However, there are some types of eggplants that are quite easy to grow, such as large oval eggplants, white eggplants, and elongated eggplants.

Why is my eggplant not bearing fruit?

Eggplants can stop bearing fruit when stressed. The flowers wither and fall without producing fruit. Another reason is that they are temperature sensitive. Too hot can prevent eggplants from producing fruit.

Do eggplants need support?

Absolutely, eggplants need support to thrive. It is best to place the eggplants so that they do not touch the ground. Eggplant support can also reduce the risk of disease, especially for elongated eggplants.

Do eggplants need full sun?

Yes, eggplants need full sun, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be planted in partial shade either. Sufficient sunlight provides it with energy, which leads to high fruit production.

Is ground coffee good for eggplant?

The used coffee grounds are used as fertilizer for the eggplants. They are rich in nitrogen, potassium and magnesium.

Should eggplants be watered daily?

If the weather is warm, you need to water your young eggplants twice a week to a depth of 30 cm. But taller, cooler climates mean you shouldn’t water often, since eggplants hate standing water.

How to increase eggplant yield?

To increase eggplant yields and make them grow faster, gardeners recommend placing a black plastic cover over the garden soil before planting or covering the eggplants with black compost. This causes the soil to warm up and the eggplants to thrive there.

Does eggplant survive the winter?

Eggplants are warm season vegetables and are sure to slow down when the temperature drops.

How tall are eggplants?

The better you treat the eggplants, the bigger they get. Eggplants should reach a height of 24 to 36 inches. Although it also depends on the variety.


Eggplants aren’t that difficult to grow if you give them the right growing conditions. They grow best in sandy or clay soil with good drainage and require a moderate amount of fertilizer. Accompany the planting of eggplants Not only will this help deter harmful pests, but it will also be a way to get extra nitrogen.

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