10 plants that tolerate frost and lots of sun

There are plants that can withstand frost and lots of sun

Is your garden, terrace or balcony in a very exposed place? If this is the case, don’t worry, because there are many plants that tolerate cold and direct exposure to the sun very well: flowers, shrubs, palms, trees… There is such a variety of them that we we’ve selected the ones that are easier to get into the nurseries, so you don’t have to wait long to decorate the space the way you want.

So, without further ado, here you have a selection of plants that can withstand frost and lots of sun.


Cika (Cycas revoluta)

Cycas revoluta is the most common species

My Cycas revoluta. Its leaves are one meter long.

The cycad is an evergreen shrub that grows up to 4 or 5 meters tall, rarely reaching 7 meters. It has a false trunk that measures up to 20 centimeters in thickness, and pinnate leaves that can reach 1.50 meters in length. These are green and leathery. It blooms in spring-summer, although it takes several years to do so, more or less about 15. It needs a lot of light, even direct sun, and it does not fear frost if it is not very strong.: in fact, it resists down to -5ºC.

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common cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)

Mediterranean cypress resists sun and frost

Common cypress, also called Mediterranean cypress, is an evergreen conifer that likes direct sun. It reaches a height of 30 meters and has scale-like dark green leaves. There are two varieties: horizontal and pyramidal, the latter being the most cultivated. It tolerates frosts down to -15ºC.

date palm (phoenix dactylifera)

Date palms are solar palms

The date palm is a palm that, in general, develops several stems up to 50 centimeters thick, although it can be seen as a single specimen (only one). In any case, we are talking about a plant that reaches 30 meters in height and has pinnate and spiny leaves, bluish green in color. As you know, it produces edible dates, which ripen in summer. Besides, It is a plant that resists drought and frost down to -4ºC.

Dimorphotheque (Dimorphotheque rainfall)

Dimorfoteca pluvialis is a perennial herbaceous plant

Image – Wikimedia/Discott

The Dimorphotheca pluvialis It is a perennial herbaceous plant that reaches a height of 40 centimeters and produces white or yellowish flowers about 4 centimeters in diameter, similar to those of daisies. It can be very pretty in a planter, but it is also possible to use it as a hanging plant.. Frost resistant down to -4°C.

Durillo (Tinus Viburnum)

Laurustinus is an evergreen shrub

Image – Wikimedia/Retama

The durillo is an evergreen shrub or small tree that reaches a maximum height of 7 meters. Its leaves are green, bright green on the upper side and lighter on the lower side. It blooms in spring, producing numerous small white or pink flowers about 2 centimeters wide. It is so beautiful that it looks great anywhere as long as it is exposed to direct sunlight.. In addition, it resists down to -10ºC.

Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)

The star jasmine is a shrub with white flowers

Image – Wikimedia/Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz

Star jasmine or milk jasmine is an evergreen vine that reaches a height of between 7 and 10 meters if supported. The leaves are simple, oval to lanceolate, glossy dark green on the upper side and lighter on the lower side. Its flowers are white, fragrant and measure about 2 centimeters. It is a plant that you can have in large pots or in the ground, always in a sunny place so that it flourishes well.. It resists down to -12ºC.

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Lilo (Syringa vulgaris)

The lilac is a shade tree

Image – Wikimedia/Salicyna

The lilac is a deciduous tree that reaches a maximum height of 7 meters, although it can be lower because it tolerates pruning quite well as long as it is done in autumn, or at the end of winter if it is this is a young specimen. The leaves are green and lanceolate and produce aromatic lilac, mauve or white floral panicles in spring. He loves the sun, and frost is not a problem for him: resistant down to -20ºC.

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Olivier (Teucrium fruticans)

Teucrio is a shrub that lives in full sun

Image – Flickr/José Maria Escolano

The olivilla is an evergreen shrub that grows between 50 and 200 centimeters in height. It has small oval leaves, with an olive green upper side and a whitish underside. Its flowers are also small, being about 2 centimeters long. These grow in spring, grouped in inflorescences, and are lilac. The most interesting thing is that it resists pruning well, so it can be grown in pots, planters or in the garden. It resists down to -12ºC.

raised heart of palm (Trachycarpus fortunei)

Trachycarpus fortunei is a frost-resistant palm

Image – Wikimedia/Georges Seguin (Okki)

The dwarf palm is a single stem (false trunk) palm that is about 20 centimeters thick and reaches a height of 12 meters. It has webbed leaves, about half a meter long by about 70 centimeters wide, and green in color. Its growth rate is slow, but it is a plant that greatly beautifies the garden from its youth.. Likewise, it resists cold and frost down to -15°C, although young specimens may suffer some damage at -8°C.

Rose (Rosa spp)

The rosebush is a thorny bush that cannot be missing in any garden or outdoor space that is very exposed to direct sunlight and in which there is not much protection. It is a very resistant plant, which flowers most of the year and whose maintenance is easy., since it is enough to try to water it moderately and to prune it so that it continues to produce flowers. In the video we explain how to do it in a simple way. By the way, you should know that it can withstand frosts down to -18ºC.

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Which of these plants that tolerate frost and lots of sun did you like the most?

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