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What flowers bloom all summer? Finding the perfect summer flower is no easy task. There is nothing more exciting than a garden full of beautiful flowers and even more alluring is their fragrance and bold hues, making them the perfect decoration to celebrate the summer season.

Flowers are beautiful and whether your garden is a large vegetable patch or a cluster of containers on a city balcony, you need easy-to-grow flowers to add a splash of color wherever you go.

It’s important to have a plan in place to keep your flower beds thriving if your garden starts to deteriorate once the temperatures warm up. When spring ends and summer temperatures rise, some gardeners may find gardening tiring. This is why you should look for flowering plants that will bloom profusely throughout the season without much help and care from you.

Before planting, make sure the flower you choose is appropriate for your area, and you can always experiment to find the best combination for your garden location and style.


15 Perennial Flowers That Bloom All Summer Long

There is a wide selection of summer flowers to choose from and all you need are some simple care tips to help them flourish. here are 15 heat-tolerant summer flowers and add a splash of color to your garden.


PhloxImage: Creeping flea. Etsy†

Garden phlox is a great addition to any red garden. This attractive flower is a staple in many gardens and is a perennial that blooms from mid-summer through fall. These beautiful flowers usually last around 3 months and will fill your garden with their vibrant colors, but be aware that they are susceptible to fungal diseases.

This perennial flower gives off a wonderful fragrance that you will only find alluring. Phloxes do best in summer temperatures, although they are prone to powdery mildew they are unlikely to cause serious damage.

Phlox flowers come in just about every shade imaginable and will also tolerate most garden soils, preferably well-drained soil. It does well in a position with good air circulation and is a very reliable summer perennial.

2. Coreopsis

Coreopsis is an annual or perennial flower often referred to as tickseed. It comes in a variety of heights and this flower is considered an all time favorite for gardeners. Perennial in warmer regions, this flower is sure to bloom all summer long and is also excellent as a ground cover and bedding plant.

`This flower is another great perennial that can add color to your summer garden. Its yellow and golden flowers grow in taut clusters and its brilliant, daisy-like blooms bloom all summer long. This flower is also very easy to grow from seed.

3. Gaillardia

The Gaillardia plant is also known as blanket flower and is another pretty easy to grow summer flower. This flower will continue to grow whether or not you kill the spent flowers, but gardeners recommend killing the flowers to preserve them. Gaillardia flowers are short-lived perennials known for their abundant, colorful daisy-like flowers.

These perennial flowers are perfect for filling in less-trafficked spots in the garden. They thrive in full sun and although they can tolerate dry soil, they prefer moist soil, but good drainage is essential.

4. Marguerite Shasta

Like many members of the daisy family, the shasta daisy is another one that produces classic daily blooms all summer long. It is a sun loving plant which makes it ideal for your summer garden and is also a low maintenance flower. It produces white flowers from spring to October and requires minimal effort to add color to your summer garden.

This perennial puts on an elaborate show when in bloom, and you can easily plant it by sprinkling a few seeds over bare soil. It offers a combination of traditional daisies and evergreens that will last all summer long.

Shasta Daisy is the most common type of daisy that grows in the summer. Seeds can be sown in spring, in a sunny place and keep the soil moist.

5. Petunias

pantunia flower

Petunias are tender perennials, they are prolific flowers, although some forms may require dead pruning to cultivate. Most petunia varieties bloom all summer long and are common summer flowers except in extreme heat, but you’ll find them in just about every color under the sun.

These flowers will produce more blooms in full sun. Water them regularly to keep them from drying out, and apply a balanced water-soluble fertilizer according to the directions on your product label.

Small petunia seeds are a bit tricky to grow outdoors, but buying your plants from nurseries is considered a better option. Remove flowers as they fade to encourage more blooms.

6. Lilies

daylily flowers that bloom all summerPicture: Country life

The botanical name for daylilies is hemerocallis, which means “one-day beauty.” Daylilies thrive in all types of soil, and you can bloom all summer long if you plant the right variety. Lilies require little care and are very easy to care for, although each bloom only lasts one day, a succession of each flower opens day after day, keeping your garden blooming and beautiful all year round.

Lilies are known to brighten up any corner of a garden, as the flowers are borne on long stalks that rise above the shape of the leaves and therefore attract attention wherever they are found.

7. Worries

best plants that bloom all summerImage: Seed Park

Marigolds are a trendy floral choice for many. It is a vibrant yellow or orange beauty, but can also bloom with cream or maroon flowers. Marigolds are best grown in full sun and getting a marigold to flower is not a difficult task. They are easy and reliable plants that also bloom non-stop from early summer to fall.

8. Cover Flowers

11 flowers that bloom all summer longImage: Adaptive Seeds

Perennial blanket flowers are great to have in your garden. It looks like a miniature sunset fading between yellow, orange, red and sometimes burgundy and is one of the best flowers to grow during the summer season. Blanket flowers are also called Gaillardia and the best feature of this flower is that it thrives easily even in poor quality soil and even if it is not watered daily.

9. Sunflowers

sunflower flowers that bloom all summerImage: Envato Elements

Sunflowers are known for their tall stems and bright yellow flowers. Besides this beauty of the flowers, the seeds are very nutritious and will not cause you any stress if you plant them in the summer. Sunflowers are hardy plants, and although they grow best in full sun, they can handle arid climates and most soil types.

All types of sunflowers flower in the summer, but the exact flowering time depends on the type of sunflower and the growing conditions. Sunflowers thrive on neglect, but they bloom best in the summer season if they are cared for regularly.

10. Purple Cornflower

purple cornflowerImage: Confirmed winners

Purple blueberries are native to eastern North America and bloom all summer long. This one has similar characteristics to the Brown-Eyed Susan plant and grows to a height of ten inches. This plant blooms best in summer. Purple blueberries are hardy, long-lasting, and drought-resistant; most coneflowers also bloom again in summer and fall.

11. peonies

peoniesImage: White Flower Farm

These amazing floral signs are luscious, luscious and delicately fragrant. This perennial is considered the best plant that will thrive throughout the growing season, but it should not be planted too deep or it will not flower.

Peonies are bushy perennials that can bloom for decades with proper care and require full sun. It is a very versatile plant in nature and also has the ability to produce flowers throughout the year.

12. Canna

canna flowers that bloom all summer longImage: Outdoor Pride

Cannas are beautiful flowers that will last a long time in your flower bed. With proper care and maintenance, cannas will continue to produce colorful blooms from late spring or early summer until frost. Nothing can beat this perennial when it comes to pure visuals when most flowers can’t handle the heat of July and early August the cannas thrive.

The cannas will spring to life many times during the heat of summer and spring. Cannas are a spectacular flowering plant and grow well in containers or in the landscape.

13. Zinnias

Zinnia summer flowersImage: Veseys

For late summer blooms, zinnias are perfect for late summer colors that last until the first frost. Zinnias are annuals and are considered reliable when it comes to withstanding the weather and filling your garden with longer-lasting blooms. This flowering plant attracts pollinators and blooms until frost.

14. Sea holly

sea ​​hollyImage: Amazon.co.uk

Sea holly plants are a fascinating addition to any garden. Its green or silver-blue stems give way to green or blue cones surrounded by pointed green, blue, white, silver and purple bracts.

This plant looks exotic and easily attracts people to your garden and the leaf color is definitely something to love. Sea holly needs full sun to grow and average water. When it comes to summer flowering plants, sea holly is considered the best.

15. Lanthanum

lantana flower - flowers that bloom all summer longImage: Nature and Garden

Lantanas are strikingly beautiful flowers that thrive in the heat of summer. This strong annual is available in yellow, purple, hot pink and pink or a palette of summer colors. It is grown as a perennial in a frost-free climate and as an annual elsewhere. Lantana is the best flower to consider for a mix of annuals and perennials.

In warm climates, lantanas can survive the winter and become a small shrub that produces flowers throughout the summer. Lantana has thick, strongly scented leaves that provide a beautiful backdrop to the contrasting flower.


If you want a garden where something is always in bloom, flowers that bloom all summer are the perfect plant. There’s nothing more exciting than a garden full of beautiful flowers, their alluring scents and bold hues are the perfect way to keep the summer vibe in your beautiful garden and celebrate the summer season.

Summer heat and humidity can take a toll on your garden, and annuals and perennials are considered the best for turning your outdoor space into a colorful and vibrant floral haven.

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