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If you are looking for flowers starting with E, let me first tell you that flowers are used for embellishment and there are many other reasons people buy and plant flowers. Interestingly, some of the most attractive flowers have names that start with the letter E.

Here in this article, I present a list of flowers that start with the letter E, focusing on well-known and easy-to-grow varieties:

Here are the first 22 names of flowers that start with E


1. Seed tick

Flowers starting with ear leaf tick seed EPhoto by David J. Stang† CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons Wikimedia

The tick flower with ear leaves is a beautiful addition to any garden. Ear leaf tick seed plants are also sometimes listed as Coreopsis auriculata or large leaf tick seed. Ear ticks multiply and can grow up to three feet long if left unpruned.

This makes them better for creating living arches above the door.

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2. Oriental Echinacea

oriental echinacea

Eastern coneflower (Rudbeckia hirta) is a perennial wildflower from the northeastern United States that blooms in summer with long-lasting, bright orange flowers.

Oriental coneflowers attract butterflies and birds, but can be invasive if propagated unhandled.

Although oriental coneflowers are commercially available, in most areas where oriental coneflowers grow naturally from seed, they can be grown outdoors.

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3. Eastern purple echinacea

oriental purple sun hatLight by Chris† CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons Wikimedia

Eastern purple coneflower is a perennial plant found in the eastern United States, eastern Canada, and eastern United States.

The showy flowers of Eastern Purple Echinacea are not susceptible like many Echinacea, but are alternately firm and weather resistant.

The flowers are daisy-like, with peach petals or pink rays surrounding a large orange to brown imperative cone.

Eastern purple coneflower is adaptable and gentle to grow, tolerating almost any soil except waterlogged locations.

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4. Equinox

Flowers starting with E Echinopsismario morais† CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons Wikimedia

Echinopsis is derived from the Greek words echinos, which means “pointed”, and opsis, which means “related to”.

Echinopsis species produce very showy flowers that will continue to be most useful in the future.

They are native to the southern United States and have developed in Argentina, Peru and Bolivia.

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5. Echinacea

echinaceaEric Hunt† CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

With its striking shades of pink, this beautiful plant is hardy and tolerates care.

Also, they make an excellent group view, especially if you plant them near other plants with colorful flowers.

Echinacea plants, also known as echinacea, have long been used as an herbal remedy for colds and flu. For this medicinal reason, they have come to suggest restorative power and resistance.

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6. Equium

echiumH. Zell† CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Echium flowers are also called Echium wildpretii or Echium vulgare.

The Echium flower has three petals, five stamens and a pair of carpels, representing what is called a bisexual flower.

Echium plants are blue with red anthers, but can also be white or red.

Echium flower blooms at the end of Echinopsis stems between July and September.

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7. Egyptian Star Flower

Flowers starting with E Egyptian Star Flower

Egyptian star flower (also called African daisy or Dimorphotheca) is a wildflower that belongs to the sunflower family.

They occur on the African continent, where they can be seen in abundance in swamps and wetlands.

It is an annual plant with a beautiful woody stem and white to beige petals. They usually have eight long petals and look incredibly unusual.

8. English bell

english bellflowers

The bluebell flower is a beautiful plant with blue, purple or white flowers that will look great in any garden.

Their name comes from the path that emerges from the shadow of the flora and where they come from. It has long been one of the best known English plants to grow at home.

This beauty can be seen all over England and parts of Europe. Although you will also find that they are grown in the northern regions of the United States where they were delivered.

9. English Daisy

Flowers starting with E English Daisy

The English daisy is a small, white-flowered daisy that blooms throughout the summer season.

You can find English daisies in many parts of the world, including Asia and the southern United States.

English daisies grow on green stems covered in lanceolate leaves that become smaller as they approach each end of the stem.

English daisies can be anywhere, they grow over 7 inches tall and usually grow in large clusters.

The petals are small and white, with yellow centers creating a nice evaluation of the flower’s green leaves and brown seeds.

10. erected


Erigeron flowers are also known as “phoenix flower” or “blood root”.

Erigeron flowers have a shaggy appearance with alternating fern-like leaves and small daisy-like flowers, available in red, pink, and white.

They are mainly found in Europe, Asia and the northern United States.

11. Euphorbia cyathhophora

Euphorbia cyathhophoraJune from Kyoto, Japan† CC BY 2.0 via Commons Wikimedia

Euphorbia cyathhophora, also called African milk tree or candelabra bush, is a species in the family Euphorbiaceae (subfamily Euphorbioideae).

It is an erect shrub that can reach 1.5 meters in height at maturity.

The flowers are white, cream or light green; they are produced in small heads which may also resemble umbels (flat clusters of shoots all arising from a point).

12. Eustoma

Flowers starting with E Eustoma

Eustoma is a genus of purple flowering plants that are commonly grown in gardens.

Eustomies can grow on bushes, shrubs or vines. They produce large, aromatic, tubular, bell-shaped flowers that range in color from white with pink stripes to pink and red.

13. Eva’s Needle Cactus

Eva Needle CactusLiesvanrompaey from Spain † CC BY 2.0 via Commons Wikimedia

Eve’s Conifer Cactus The Eve’s Conifer Cactus is a unique cactus that was discovered in Madagascar and can reach 1 meter in height.

The Eva needle cactus is so named because it has long, sharp spines that resemble knitting needles.

It produces pink flowers throughout spring and requires only moderate care to thrive as a houseplant.

14. Pink Evening Primer

in the early afternoon

Evening primrose is a small white flower that blooms at night and often hides under larger flowering plants during the day.

It tends to grow along shady roads or areas with nearby bushes or shrubs.

Evening primroses get their name from their tendency to open late in the day and look like little white primroses.

When evening primrose flowers bloom, they begin to emit a sweet, heady scent from their petals that attracts insects and various pollen-like creatures.

15. Edelweiss


This plant is best known in Swiss culture as a plant of honor, courage and a sign of love.

The search for edelweiss is often dangerous, as many searchers meet their fate or are defeated by bad weather.

Therefore, wearing the edelweiss on the lapel is a powerful symbol of courage, nobility and adventurous spirit. For this reason, the plant is the Swiss national flower.

16. Evolution

EvolveusL. Shyamali† CC BY 2.5 via Commons Wikimedia

Evolvus is a type of flowering plant in the morning glory family known by the common name hairy morning glory.

Evolvulus is a genus of flowering plants in the family Convolvulaceae, the morning glory. They are usually identified as the dwarf morning glory. Almost all are from the Americas.

17. Everlasting Daisy

everlasting daisyGailhampshire from Cradley, Malvern, UK † CC BY 2.0 via Commons Wikimedia

Eternity Daisies are commonly known as Strawflowers, also known as Golden Eternity. It is a floral component belonging to the Asteraceae family and native to Australia.

This flower looks like a daisy with petals of golden yellow, white, pink, red, orange and rose paper. A single stem can produce a few flower heads.

18. Spurge

EuphorbiaH. Zell† CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Be careful not to fall on a Euphorbia plant, and for good reason, because the thorns along the stem earn it “The crown of thorns”. Euphorbia’s pretty flowers are neat, especially from a trouble-free, drought-tolerant plant.

19. Erica Carnea

Erica Carnealeo michelsCC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Erica Carnea, or Winter Heather, has a long and storied history. People made brooms, food, brushes, baskets and other common necessities from it.

Erica cinerea, bell heather, is a species of flowering plant in the heather family Ericaceae, native to western and central Europe.

All the while, winter heather blooms gave them a lovely view along with the attractive foliage of lilac bluebells.

20. Elekampanme


Elecampane, Inulahelenium, also known as horse-heal or elfdock, is a widespread plant species in the sunflower family Asteraceae. It is native to Eurasia from Spain to Xinjiang province in western China and naturalized in parts of North America.

Elecampane is an herb that is used to repair a variety of lung conditions, while also working on gut bacteria to restore stomach ailments.

21. Evening Primrose (Twilight)

Scientific name : Oenothera TWILIGHT ‘Turner01’type of plant: perennialsTo bloom : summer

evening primrose twilight

22. Evening Primrose (Siskiyou Pink)

Scientific name : Oenothera speciosa’Siskiyoutype of plant: perennialsTo bloom : Late spring to early fall

Evening Primrose (Rose Siskiyou)Wouter Hagens† CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons Wikimedia

final thoughts

she is very beautiful flowers that start with E they have their specific prices and performances. If they are suitable for the type of soil and climate or temperature required in your home, turn them into other plants for your garden.

After going through this list of flowers starting with the letter E, I hope you now have all the essential information about these flowers that you needed or were looking for. So read the article carefully.

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