6 tips for making geraniums bloom all year round

Is your geranium (Geranium) plant not flowering or blooming very little? Follow these quick and easy tips to keep geraniums blooming year-round and enjoying their beautiful blooms in all their glory.


Tips for Getting Geraniums to Bloom Year-Round

Wondering what are the flowering methods for geraniums? Stop scratching your head! We have some quick tips for keeping your geraniums in bloom.

1. Provide full sun

geraniums bloom all year round

To encourage flowering, provide geraniums with plenty of sun – 4-6 hours of full sun a day will do wonders.

If you are growing geraniums indoors, give your potted plants a sunny position near a window where they receive the most direct sun per day for prolific flowering.

2. Cut off faded flowers

geraniums bloom all year round

In order for geraniums to bloom all year round, it is imperative to remove the flowers.

Remove faded flowers so the plant responds with more flowers. Cut off dying flowers and stems to focus the plant’s energy on producing new flowers.

3. Do not grow in large pots

geraniums bloom all year round

When growing geraniums, be sure not to use pots larger than 30cm wide.

Ideally, use a pot of at least 20 cm in diameter for geraniums. This size will contain enough soil and the plant will be healthy, producing more flowers.

4. Regularly remove diseased and yellow leaves

geraniums bloom all year round

Remove dead, yellow foliage regularly so the plant not only looks neat and tidy, but also diverts the energy needed to produce new flowers.

5. Apply a high potash fertilizer

geraniums bloom all year round

To keep geraniums in bloom, feed them a 9-6-12 mix, the high potassium content provides an even supply of nutrients to every part of the plant that helps with photosynthesis. Check the label for dosage and directions.

Also, during the growing season, apply an all-purpose liquid fertilizer diluted 1/4 every 4 to 5 weeks. See: liquid fertilizers

6. Water only when the soil is dry

geraniums bloom all year round

Don’t leave the soil always wet, as geraniums suffer more from overwatering than under-watering.

Water your geranium only when the top of the soil feels a bit dry to the touch, insert a finger into the soil and if a few inches below it looks damp, wait a few days, otherwise water it.

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Another tip is to water when the sun is not directly hitting the plant, ideally in the early morning or late afternoon. Also make sure the container has drainage holes in the bottom.

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