Avocado seed – Tips for my garden


The multiple properties of the avocado seed

Planting an avocado tree seed to see its plant grow at home is not as complicated as we often think. The movements to be performed are few and simple. It is essential to start from the core of the fruit, which must be taken care not to throw into the basket. Without it, we will not be able to have our factory. Once the bone – which is also the pit of the avocado – cleaned, taking care not to remove the brown skin that surrounds it, we need chopsticks and a glass with a little water. At this point we are going to insert four toothpicks into the top of the fruit so that it does not sink completely once inserted into the glass. The aperitifs serve, in fact, to allow you to stay in suspension. EAST’ the seed must have the point upwards. Once these movements have been made, we will have to leave our seed in a lighted place and add water as needed. You will have done a great job if the plant takes its first steps in growth. The first will be the birth of a root at the bottom of the seed. A flowering of the small plant will then follow.

Where and when was the lawyer born?

For years the avocado fruit has been known and marketed in supermarkets and fruit and vegetable stores in our country as well. It is used for salads, vegetable recipes, refined dishes. Both for special salads and for fruit salads. But have you ever wondered where and when this green fruit with its tasty pulp was born? It seems that its origins are very old and that it derives from the territories of Central America, but that it extends over a very large area. Its family is Lauraceae. There are three different types or races, precisely the ones we are talking about: the Guatemalan, the Mexican and the West Indian. They are distinguished from each other by the characteristics and smell of their leaves. Typical of the avocado fruit is its shape,

The many and precious properties of the avocado tree

The avocado is not just a fruit with a particular and tasty flavor. In fact, there are many important properties for our body, especially for our skin. One of the first valuable functions of this fruit is hydration of the skin. Thanks to its properties it also seems to be an excellent remedy for wrinkles. Then there is the reduction in blood pressure. Yes, it is said to be high in potassium and magnesium, which are needed to lower blood pressure. Plus, avocados are high in fiber, far more than any other fruit or food, and they’re great as a butter substitute. Yes, when you want to prepare special recipes, it cannot be replaced in all dishes, you can add the healthier avocado instead of butter, to count even less calories. A detail that does not hurt.

Avocado seed: avocado oil. When and why is it used

What many still don’t know is the importance of avocado oil. In appearance it is very similar to more traditional olive oil also in texture and color, but its properties seem more valuable. Avocado oil helps fight the signs of aging and tough conditions like heart disease. Indeed, it is rich in vitamins A, D, E, as well as unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin, antioxidants, potassium and protein. For the body, it is excellent for particularly dry, mature and damaged skin. Moisturizes and regenerates naturally, just make a few simple compresses, preferably in the evening before going to sleep. In this way, the skin will relax more.

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