Bacillus thuringiensis. Where to buy, dosage and uses in the garden

the Bacillus thuringiensis It is a bacterium that is found naturally in certain soils. This bacterium can cause disease in some insects, especially leaf-eating caterpillars.

biothur bacillus thuringiensis anti worms, caterpillars and larvae

Pest control with this bacterium depends on its active ingredient, a crystal protein that paralyzes the insect’s digestive system, causing the larva, caterpillar or insect to stop feeding and starve to death. .


What pests to fight with Bacillus thuringiensis

There are many pests that can be controlled with this natural soil bacterium. Let’s list some of the most common, along with the respective crops they affect:

The leek moth or leek worm is as it is known from the Acrolepiopsis assectella. It is a pest that affects not only the leek crop, but also its relatives such as onion, garlic and, in general, crops of the genus Allium.

Melon caterpillars can be very harmful to our fruit. They are among the main pests and melon diseases, that is, they negatively affect this crop, since they come to eat the shoots, leaves and even small melons. We can use the biological control of bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis to control these melon caterpillars.

the leaf miner it can be a nightmare for edible plants as well as ornamentals. And we can also fight it with this bacteria.

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Carrot crops can be seriously affected by larvae or caterpillars of the genera Agrotis and Spodoptera. They are not so easy to see because they feed on the aerial part of the plants at night, while during the day they bury and hide so as not to be seen.

As we have already seen in the article on the carrot pestswe can use a typical home remedy from the Canary Islands, which consists of mixing bran or bran with bacteria powder Bacillus thuringiensis, with a little sugar and water. A paste is created, which is spread around the plants affected by these pests, and works as a very effective bait against these elusive caterpillars.

In the case of absolutely tuta or tomato moth, is also effective. But it must be taken into account that it does not affect the eggs, so it is a process that must be repeated or combined with another method.

CULTIVATED Bacillus Thuringiensis kurstaki 24 wg of 30 ml....

CULTIVATED Bacillus Thuringiensis kurstaki 24 wg of 30 ml….

  • Ecological treatment with registration number 22437
  • Biological insecticide against caterpillars
  • Ideal for all types of vegetables and horticulture
  • Bacillus thuringiensis (kurstaki variety, strain pb-54) 32% (32 million IU/g.)
  • It is recommended to apply with a pH regulator

The blind chicken It is a beetle larva that can affect fruit trees, vegetables and even cereal plantations. The method of use in this case, being larvae usually found in the soil, is to fumigate the soil after moistening it. After three days these larvae catch a disease called milky, which causes them to stop eating and die.

Cherry bollworm can be controlled with Bacillus thuringiensis. And an increasingly common use is to cure and prevent pests in marijuana crops.

Bacillus thuringiensis: dosage

It is good to know the doses of use of this biological insecticide. The dose of Bacillus thuringiensis recommended for all uses is 1 gram per liter of water.


The application should be done every 10 or 15 days from the moment the first caterpillar is seen, although it can also be done preventively, especially in crops prone to various pests. Keep in mind that this is a biological control that does not affect or damage our plants and crops.

Bacillus thuringiensis

Neem oil and Bacillus thuringiensis

Many readers will wonder if it can be mixed Bacillus thuringiensis Yes neem oil. The answer is yes, both to control caterpillars and to repel larvae and moths, this combination of natural and harmless products for plant health can be used together, either applied in parallel or alternately.

Effect of Bacillus thuringiensis on humans

the Bacillus thuringiensis In the quantities used on earth, it has no effect on humans, but you should know that although this is the case, its consumption should be avoided because in this case it could slightly affect the digestive tract. It is therefore recommended to use it above all on the ground and not on edible plants or fruits.

dose of bacillus thuringiensis

Where to buy Bacillus thuringiensis

Now let’s see where to buy Bacillus thuringiensis In Spain:

In Biological control You can find both powders and liquids, ready to use.

Fertishop sells one kilo packets of bacteria powder.

I cultivate my garden This is another store to buy Bacillus thuringiensis In Spain.

In some markets as well as in seed shops it is also possible to buy Bacillus thuringiensis in line.

It is good to know that the use of this bacterium in the soil does not affect California red worms and other beneficial insects, although it can harm moth larvae.

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neem oil and bacillus thuringiensis

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