Basil seeds. How to get them or get them

Today we are going to talk about basil seeds, how to get or get these seeds from our plants to be self-sufficient.

basil seeds

One of the most rewarding tasks after harvesting the fruits of our crops in the garden or urban garden is getting our own seeds. This is essential for resowing the following season and thus closing the loop.

But also even simply to take advantage of this task, which in addition to self-supplying our own garden, allows us to offer seeds or exchange them with friends and fellow gardeners, so that they benefit from this passion as much that we.

Get basil seeds

We have already seen in other articles how was the care of basil, how to plant basil and why the we plant in the garden or urban garden.

In order to get its basil seeds, you have to let the plant remove its blooms in spring or summer and wait for them to dry. You will see it very easily in the video which is below.

how to get basil seeds

In addition, while waiting for our basil to bloom, we can enjoy and Craft basil cuttings have new plants without having to go through the whole planting process.

basil seeds

One of the most important things about getting our own basil seeds is that they are plants that have grown in our environment. They are therefore more suited to our garden and our climate than those that can be bought in nurseries, on the internet or planted from basil seeds obtained several kilometers from our garden.

And so the following generations will improve this adaptation by becoming more resistant, more productive and more vigorous.

So feel free to do this with other crops you see that have worked very well for you in the garden, like my basil did. In the video you can see how far he came out. Here you can see how get more seeds from other plants.

The benefits of basil in the garden are many. can do good support cultureas for plant tomatoes. As for the inconvenience of cultivation, we advise the post on the basil pests the most common and how to combat them.

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