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What is Bonsai Club

The oriental art of bonsai is something that cannot be learned in a short time. We need specific study, a lot of exercise, dedication, passion and above all patience. When buying a bonsai, keep in mind that to care for it properly and ensure that it lasts a long time, it is necessary to obtain detailed information on cultivation methods. A great way to start is to join the bonsai club: it’s a website, or rather a forum, run by experts and enthusiasts in the fascinating world of bonsai. By registering for free and in a few simple and quick steps, it is possible to be part of a community that is always active and always attentive to the latest news regarding products, courses, workshops and everything related to bonsai art.

Join the bonsai club

To join the bonsai club, simply register by entering your details, ie an e-mail address and a valid nickname, as on any other forum. Once we have received confirmation of registration, we must introduce ourselves to the community by inserting an introductory message, describing ourselves, our passion for bonsai as well as the types of bonsai we own or have. intention to cultivate. Once done, it will be possible to start browsing the different sections of the forum and find the information that most interests us. In one section we talk about the best species to form a bonsai; another accurately describes all the tools needed to care for a bonsai. As is known, in fact, ordinary scissors cannot be used to prune bonsai, but you need specific scissors that do not damage the branches. All these important details are explained in detail on the pages of the bonsai club.

Bonsai Club Growing Tips

The most important aspect of being registered in a large and active community like the bonsai club is that it is possible to exchange information, discuss and seek advice from other experts and enthusiasts of this art. In a specific section of the forum, a post dedicated to the crops themselves can be opened: describing the type of bonsai, the maintenance techniques and the cultivation treatments that we intend to carry out, it will be possible to ask advice and discuss with those who can grow the same type of plant. In another page of the site, in addition, it is possible to talk about the problems encountered when growing a bonsai: if we find that our specimen presents pathologies, if it fades or if it has already faded and that we have not been able to understand the causes of this failure,

Bonsai club: bonsai club initiatives

The Bonsai Club is a reality linked to Ubi, which is the Italian Bonsai Association, an association that brings together all lovers and producers of bonsai in our country. Through the forum it is possible to click on a link and proceed with the possible registration to the UBI to become a member and participate in all the initiatives organized by the association, such as meetings, courses and workshops. . In addition, thanks to this association, the bonsai club also participates in the important Anlaids initiative, to which all forum members can contribute if they wish. It is a way of spreading the culture of bonsai: the association occasionally organizes sales of bonsai in the main Italian squares to raise awareness of the problems of respecting nature. The plants sold have a guarantee, because they are healthy, They have been transplanted and cared for by bonsai experts. For those who intend to approach this practice, the Anlaids initiative is an excellent starting point.

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