Can you have a pine in a pot?

Pine is a tree that can be potted

Pine is a tree with very, very strong roots. They are so strong that they can lift and break asphalt. So you might think having one in a pot is nonsense, and you’d be right, because if its root system is capable of damaging the road, destroying a pot won’t cost you anything. But the truth is yes you can.

Proof of this is the number of pine bonsai that any Internet browser shows you when searching for images of this type of plant. And it is that bonsai are trees that thanks to pruning have received that style, that shape and that size, but if they were planted in the ground they would grow like tall plants, because that is what their genetics dictate. For it, if you can work as a bonsai, you can have a pine tree in a pot.


The importance of choosing the right pot

The pot in which we are going to have our pine must have a series of characteristics, since it is a tree that tends to grow quite slowly, so it is important that the container is not excessively large and that it also has holes at its base. In realitythe ideal is that its diameter should not measure more than twice the size of the pot it currently has, because the bigger it is, the more ground it will be necessary to throw. And of course, the more land there is, the more water will have to be poured when irrigating… which could cause serious problems.

So, assuming the pot you’re using now is about 4 inches in diameter by an additional 4 inches tall, your new pot will need to be between 6 and 7 inches in diameter and 6 inches tall. As for the material with which it is made, I recommend that it be plastic for a reason: it will be easier to remove it when planting it in a larger pot. Now, you can choose one made of clay, but consider that it must have at least one hole in its base.

What type of substrate does pine need?

Pine can be kept in a pot

The substrate is a soil mix which is mostly used for potted plants, although it can also be mixed with garden soil to improve it. But let’s not get lost: pine is a tree that grows in soils that are generally poor in nutrients, but at the same time quickly absorb water and filter it.

For it, you have to put a spongy substrate, like the universal of Westland or Fertiberia. This way we will make sure that the pine is fine.

When to water the potted pine?

Watering pine that is kept in a pot should be moderate, throwing little in autumn and winter. It is a tree that is much more resistant to drought than to excess water, so try to water when the substrate is rather dry; in this way we will prevent its root system from rotting.

In addition, we will also reduce the risk of fungi making you sick, because these micro-organisms like the humidity and heat that exist in an environment such as the growing medium. Therefore, you should water an average of 3 times a week during the summer months and 1-2 times a week the rest of the year.

How to prune?

Since we are going to have the pine in a pot, it will have to be pruned regularly. For it an anvil pruner will be used to prune soft branches and a handsaw for woodlots that we will clean and disinfect with soap and water before and after using them to prevent the tree from getting sick. Also, you should know that pruning will be done at the end of winter, before the plant starts to grow again.

How is it cut? Also. The first thing we will do is remove the dry and/or brittle branches, since they are of no use to the plant; and after, we will proceed to reduce the length of the branches of the cup so that it has a more compact shape. In general, if these branches are about 20 centimeters long, they will be cut at about 5 centimeters, and always above a few leaves.

If we are interested in forming it as a small tree, we will cut the lower branches from the trunk if it has any and/or if they grow.

When should you fertilize potted pine?

Pinus mugo grows in a pot

Image – Flickr/Bri Weldon

Although we are not very interested in this, it is important that it is paid from time to time, especially in the spring, as this is when it is usually most active. To do this, we will use a fertilizer for green plants that is liquid, so that the roots absorb it as quickly as possible.

We will apply it as the container indicates, and thus we will surely make it beautiful, as well as healthy.

As you can see, caring for a potted pine is not difficult.

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