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characteristic lava stone

Lava stone has characteristics that make it highly sought after in the kitchen, due to its ability to ensure even cooking of food while keeping flavors unchanged. In particular, for outdoor cooking, it is a perfect substitute for the classic charcoal barbecue since this fuel requires a long preparation and could alter the flavor of the food. Lava stone, or volcanic basalt, in addition to being a completely natural material, has several other advantages: it does not wear out, it does not generate ashes, it does not dirty, it is durable, even in theory eternal. It is rightly considered a flavoring, because the fats that dissolve in food, when in contact with the stone, turn into smoke and give a particularly tasty aroma to the above foods.

Cooking on lava stone

Cooking on lava stone is not always the same. In fact, a lot depends on the thickness of the stone slab: the thicker it is, the longer it will take to heat it, but also to cool it, so it will retain adequate heat for longer cooking even afterwards. the underlying fire went out. Cooking does not require any additional fat, just wait until the lava stone is hot. To control the heat, you can put a drop of water on the plate: if it evaporates, it’s not time yet: you have to wait for the surface heat to be such that it gives the water the appearance of a ball of mercury. It is best to turn the food once during cooking, avoiding puncturing it so that the juices do not come out.

lava stone cleaning

Cleaning the lava stone, due to its characteristics, is necessary with each use, to prevent food scraps from becoming a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. Another risk is that the stone absorbs too much grease over time, giving off an unpleasant smell. This problem can be avoided with proper cleaning. First, before turning on the heat source, a layer of fine salt should be sprinkled on the stone. Then you can proceed to cooking. Further cleaning will only be carried out when the stone is completely cold. You will first need to remove as much fat as possible with paper towel. Then, with steel wool and a solution of salt and vinegar, you will need to degrease the surface. At this point you will need to rinse and dry with a clean cloth.

The maintenance of the lava stone begins even before the first use with a one-time operation. The stone will be washed with water and salt, preferably with a cloth instead of a sponge, then dried with a cotton cloth and oil spread over the entire cooking surface. At this point, you must wait 24 hours, after which you can remove excess oil with paper towels and cook the food. So remember never to pour cold water on the hot stone, which could crack under the effect of a thermal shock. Also, it should never be washed with detergent. The stone slab should be kept indoors and in winter preferably indoors to prevent night frosts from destroying it.

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