climbing racks

Many garden plants need supports, especially among legumes there are several varieties of vines (beans, peas, broad beans, etc.), to grow them you must prepare supports. You can of course build them with recycled materials: branches, wire mesh or bamboo canes are perfect elements to create the structure on which the plant will climb.

When you don’t have the time and inclination to invent a support, it can be practical to find it ready to install, so we recommend a product from Burgon & Ball, distributed by Activa Smartgarden.

This support is a very simple system: a central steel rod is inserted into the ground, above a wooden bridge pierced with holes through which pass the cables which are nailed to the ground. Climbing garden plants will be able to scale these wires when growing properly. It is very simple to install and quick to move, allowing you to have a tidy orchard.

Plant support is very important for several reasons: the support prevents rotting of the plant and in particular of the fruits, obtains correct aeration, ensures good exposure to the sun and saves space in the garden.

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