Creamy butternut squash and turmeric soup

On autumn afternoons, when the temperature begins to drop more and more, nothing is better than a good, warm velvet. A comfort food that warms and allows us to enjoy the flavors of our garden: today we are preparing a velvety and mouth-watering pumpkin soup, with an extra touch given by a pinch of turmeric, a precious spice beneficial for the body.

Long enough to bake a pumpkin that our garden generously gave us and There you go , we are ready for a delicious, hot and mouth-watering soup. The turmeric not only adds flavor and nutritional properties, but also adds a splash of color, enhancing the orangeness of the pumpkin and giving the dish a sunny look.

The pumpkin lends itself perfectly to hot cream, with its texture in fact this vegetable can give creaminess to the velvety, delicate and sweet flavor that is not tired.

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