Cultivation of lemons on the terrace

It is not possible to cultivate the lemon tree in the soil of all regions of Spain, since the lemon tree is sensitive to low temperatures and demanding in terms of the nature of the soil and the quality of the sunshine in order to bear good fruit. The cultivation of the lemon tree outside the Mediterranean climate therefore often consists of growing it in pots, provided you have a sunny and cool place to put it in winter in order to protect it from the cold. In addition, lemon tree cultivation is relatively delicate and requires a lot of presence.

Why plant a lemon tree in a pot?

The lemon tree is a breaking tree and can only be grown in soil with a mild winter climate. In reality, it does not support very negative temperatures and is afraid of frost. Therefore, if the weather does not allow it, it is better to opt for a potted lemon tree that can be wintered without frost, during the cold season. Additionally, you can protect your potted lemon tree from the cold during the winter, introducing the pot from October to May. Replant from your purchase after 2 to 3 years and preferably in the spring.

Which pot is ideal for our lemon tree?

If you already have an urban garden in Tarraza, surely you already know the pots, although we recommend that you use the recommended containers. Choose a large pot, made of wood, plastic or terracotta. The most important thing is that it has holes at the bottom. Otherwise, you can drill them yourself. These holes will allow the evacuation of water.

The success of cultivation of lemon trees potted also depends on the substrate that will nourish the roots. It must be composed of at least a special quality citrus earth and in the best case of an earth/sand/compost mixture.

  1. Check that your pot is perforated, if not, pierce it.
  2. Put a layer of clay balls (about 15% of the capacity of the pot).
  3. Pour a layer of substrate into the pot.
  4. Place the lemon tree in the pot and cover it with potting soil.
  5. Water generously.
indoor lemon tree in pot

How to maintain it properly?

A potted lemon tree needs cut , preferably in spring. Use pruners to cut the new growth in half, just above the leaf. the water potted lemon tree as soon as the soil dries out and bring it a “special citrus” fertilizer. With all these little tips, you will be sure to properly maintain your potted lemon tree!

lemon tree in summer

On sunny days, your potted lemon tree It should be placed in the sun, on your terrace or in the garden. In pots, it dries faster. In summer it will require regular watering, the soil should never be dry between 2 waterings. Also avoid leaving standing water in the dish and remember to empty it periodically.

It is also during this period that growth takes place. To improve the fruiting of your potted lemon tree, add a special citrus fertilizer every 15 days or once a month, according to the instructions on the packaging.

Lemon tree in winter.

Potted lemon tree should be fine protected in winter . Take it inside and put it in a place bright , airy Yes not too cold like a terrace : this will allow your citrus fruits to flourish protected from frost Yes bad weather . Note that it is also possible to put a veil of winter in the aerial part of the lemon tree. Don’t neglect the irrigation : even in winter, the lemon tree needs water, even in small quantities.

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