Decorating the living room with plants: Which plants to use and ideas for decorating the living room

To decorate the living room with plants, they must be suitable for interiors

No one doubts that plants are one of the most beautiful and outstanding decorative elements to beautify our home. However, not all vegetables are suitable for this function. Besides, It is not always easy to choose the ideal place to place the pots. That’s why we are going to give you some ideas for decorating the living room with plants.

In this article we will first comment on which vegetables are the most recommended to place in our house. Next, we will give you some ideas so that you can decorate the living room with plants in a way that is pleasing to the eye. I’m sure it will be beautiful!


What plants should I put in the living room of my house?

Indoor plants for decorating the living room are usually undemanding

Before giving you some ideas on how to decorate the living room with plants, we will first discuss the favorite vegetables for this task. As you well know, there are many who do not survive if they are not outside, it is therefore essential to know which ones we can keep inside our house. Some of the most popular indoor plants are:

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Generally, what houseplants have in common is that they are not very demanding. By not being exposed to the elements, they are better protected against viruses, parasites and sudden changes in temperature. This, yes, being in pots, they will need to be watered more frequently than vegetables found outdoors.

Ideas for decorating the living room with plants

To decorate the living room with plants, we will need a little creativity

Now that we know some of the most popular indoor vegetables, we will list some ideas for decorating the living room with plants. Remember this is only a guide, in the end It will depend on your tastes and the style of environment you want. With these options and a little imagination, you will surely create an impressive living room.

  1. place a vine above a high cabinet, as a console: The leaves can be nested with other objects.
  2. Tall planters: There are pots that are tall. They are very striking and beautiful, especially if we combine different heights. In this way we will be able to have the same effect as the large plants, but with smaller plants.
  3. Low cabinet decoration: With medium-sized plants, such as pothos or ficus, we can give a touch of green to our living room by placing them on rather short furniture.
  4. About wooden sideboards: The combination of various natural elements, such as plants and wood, always looks great.
  5. Ivy above the fireplace: Of course, we can place the plants we want on the fireplace, but have you ever thought of ivy for that? I guarantee you it is truly spectacular. But don’t forget to remove the plant when you go to light the fire, just in case.
  6. Centerpieces: They are always pretty. It can be something as simple as flowers in a vase.
  7. On shelves: Shelves are not only used to place things, such as books, but they can also be very obvious. For this reason, it is advisable to decorate them a little and plants are always a good option.
  8. On the window sill: Also in front of the window we can place vegetables, especially those that require a little more sunlight.
  9. A single plant on the side table: Next to the lamp that we have on the side table, a small plant can be very pleasing to the eye.
  10. In the window: Yes, you read correctly. The plants in the window are extremely decorative and give life to what we want to display. It is recommended that it be a small enough vegetable so as not to highlight the other objects that are in the display case too much.
  11. Hanging pots: We can not only decorate the furniture and the floor, but also the ceiling with beautiful green plants thanks to the hanging pots. It’s worth trying!
  12. Bonsai: Mini bonsai are truly fascinating plants. They are so beautiful that it is not advisable to leave them in the background, but to dedicate a special space to them on a piece of furniture for example. Find out here how to take care of a bonsai indoors.

large plants

In a very beautiful living room, large indoor plants cannot be missing. It is precisely its size that will attract more attention and create a natural and beautiful environment. Let’s see some options we have to play with this type of vegetables:

  1. a big plant on each side of the shelf: Create symmetry and decorate corners and empty spaces.
  2. Second plan: A great plant behind the sofa or decorating a corner, but more hidden.
  3. Reading area: If we have an armchair or sofa designed for reading, a large palm-like plant is an excellent option. Both elements will have such a presence that no further decoration will be necessary.
  4. Zoning: Plants are not only used to decorate, but we can also separate different environments with them, such as the living room of the American kitchen, if we have one. Of course, it is essential that the plant is large enough to perform this function.
  5. Upstairs between two sofas: What better option to spruce up that corner between the canapes than a vegetable?
  6. As on the ground: Plants display beautifully. One option is to place them in a wicker basket to give the room a warmer touch. We can also combine vegetables of different heights.
  7. Green corner or “green” corner: A great option is to dedicate a corner of our living room to plants. You can group different species in different pots of different heights and create a kind of mini garden.

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I hope this article on how to decorate the living room with plants has helped inspire you. Of course, you don’t have to apply a single idea from the ones we mentioned before, but rather you can combine them and create a beautiful environment full of life and freshness. If you have any other ideas that we missed, you can leave them in the comments.

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