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I have been obsessed with succulents ever since I started gardening. But once I encountered a problem while buying an agave and aloe plant.

These succulents are very similar, and novice gardeners may find it difficult to choose the perfect one. Also, many plant stores tend to mislabel plants.

If this is your first time growing agave and aloe, don’t worry. The information in this article will help you see the difference and relationship between these succulents.

So what is the main difference between agave and aloe vera? Agave plants have leaves with sharp spines, while aloe vera plants have serrated leaves without spines.

Keep reading this article to know the differences between aloe vera and agave along with their similarities. In the long term, you will also discover the uses of the agave plant.

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Comparison table (Agave vs Aloe Vera)

Basic conditions agave aloe vera
Origin Mexico Africa and Saudi Arabia
Family asparagaceae asphodelaceae
rustic area 8 to 10 9 to 10
Boyfriend 6 inches to 10 feet long 2 inches to 50 feet long
flowers Having few or no flowers. have several flowers
explore content fibrous Freeze
Lifetime 100 more years 12 years
seasonality hot summer months cool winter months
edge of the sheet have sharp thorns serratus spineless
Application Manufacture of ropes and ropes. Manufacture of tequila. ornamental plant. medical industry

What is the agave?

Agave is a succulent plant native to Mexico (Source: Voxtatis Research Foundation† These succulents belong to the Asparagaceae family.

It is one of 18 genera in the subfamily Agavoideae, where there are about 208 distinct species. Agave plants have fleshy leaves with sharp thorns along the edges.

Agave leaves are fibrous with an incredible internal vascular structure. These fibers are ideal for making rope and twine.

The agave plant grows from 6 inches to 10 feet tall. The plant has a lifespan of over 100 years and is also known as the centennial plant.

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What is Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera is also a succulent plant native to Africa and the Saudi Peninsula. The plant belongs to the Asphodelaceae family and the Ashpodeloideae subfamily.

There are over 500 species in this classification. Some varieties thrive in winter and others in summer. The hardiness zone for aloe plants ranges from 9 to 11.

Aloe leaves are sticky and have no sharp thorns. The serrated leaves can be easily broken to produce the ideal juice for medicinal purposes.

Aloe plants generally flower throughout their life. Aloe flowers are red, orange, yellow and white. It is the best option as an ornamental plant.

The size of the Aloe Vera plant ranges from 2 inches to 50 feet tall. The succulent has a lifespan of about 12 years. It also requires minimal care and maintenance.

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Difference Between Agave and Aloe Vera


Agave plants are native to Mexico and the southern United States. Aloe Vera plants are native to Africa (South Africa and Madagascar) and the Saudi Peninsula.


Most Agave species are relatively taller than Aloe species. Agave grows from 6 inches to 10 feet tall. Aloe plants are smaller and ideal as a houseplant. Aloe vera grows up to 2 inches at 50 feet tall.

leaf design

Agave plants have fibrous leaves with sharp spines. The fibers are suitable for making ropes and twine. Aloe plants have fleshy, serrated leaves with a sticky substance.

growing seasons

Agave plants thrive in the warmer summer and go dormant in the winter. These plants also flower once in their lifetime. Aloe vera plants love cool winter temperatures. The succulent usually blooms in late winter or early spring. †Source: Missouri Botanical Garden

Similarities Between Agave and Aloe Vera

Agave and aloe can survive in tropical, semi-tropical and arid environments. These plants have succulent leaves and stems to store water.

Agave and aloe plants are the perfect options as ornamental plants. These plants are ideal for decorating your garden.

Aloe and agave can grow both indoors and outdoors. In addition, they require minimal care and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are aloe and agave the same?

Really no. Agave plants have fibrous leaves with sharp spines. Aloe plants have thick, fleshy leaves with serrated edges.

Is tequila made from aloe vera?

Yes, but you need a few leaves from a mature aloe vera plant. Making homemade tequila takes some experience.

Is there a difference between Aloe and Aloe Vera?

Yes, the difference between aloe and aloe vera depends on their scientific classification. Aloe belongs to the genus and aloe vera is the species.

Is the agave plant toxic to humans?

Yes, the plant is slightly toxic to humans. Contains oxalate crystals in the leaves which cause extreme skin irritation.

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At last

The difference between agave and aloe vera depends on their origin and leaf content. Agave plants have thick, fibrous leaves. Aloe vera plants have thick, fleshy leaves with a gel-like substance.

Use this data in the article if in doubt. These description features are great to use on your first visit to a succulent store. The information will help you differentiate agave from aloe.

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