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Strawberries can grow happily with many plants just like tomatoes and some plants should not be planted close to each other.

Tomatoes are big feeders and when choosing companion plants, it’s important to choose plants that are beneficial to your neighbors. Some companion plants aim to maximize yields in a given location, and by layering and grouping your plants correctly, you can save space and achieve higher yields.

Tomatoes and strawberries are very common garden plants, but both require proper care and maintenance to continue to thrive. Strawberries generally prefer lots of sun, and tomatoes also grow best in areas that receive direct sun throughout the day.

Planting tomatoes has a number of potential setbacks and the same goes for strawberries. Both therefore require careful planning and the selection of varieties resistant to the diseases prone to your region. Choosing the best variety of tomatoes and strawberries to plant can do a lot of the work naturally.


Do tomatoes and strawberries grow well together?

Tomatoes and strawberries come from very different families and have different growth habits and are almost diametrically opposed to environmental demands, meaning they are not each other’s companion plants and despite their differences, both suffer from the same disease, such as verticillium wilt and anthracnose.

Plant tomatoes and strawberries as far apart as possible in the same garden if you are determined to have them together in the garden, the greater the distance the fewer the cross-contamination accidents which can lead to the rapid spread of disease . Strawberries and tomatoes do not grow well as companion plants, but they do have companion plants that can benefit from their growth if planted close together.

Strawberries grow happily as a companion plant with other plants such as beans, lettuce, borage, chives, spinach, radishes, peas and onions. Many gardeners grow strawberries as a ground cover to control weeds around asparagus, rhubarb and horseradish.

Planting tomatoes as a companion plant requires careful planning, but some tried-and-true tomato companions include basil, borage and butternut squash, parsley, garlic, asparagus, and chives.

What not to plant with tomatoes?

Keep tomatoes away from;

  • beet
  • Cabbage or anything in the cabbage family, such as kale, Brussels sprouts, rutabaga, or cauliflower.
  • potatoes
  • Fennel
  • dildo
  • Cork
  • Rosemary

What not to plant with strawberries

Keep strawberries away from;

  • Brussels sprouts
  • Chinese cabbage
  • Kale
  • Accept
  • Celery
  • Cauliflower
  • Swedish

Are coffee grounds good for strawberries?

Yes coffee grounds are good for strawberry plants as they are acidic and if you sprinkle on strawberries or acidic plants like lemons, pudding, blueberries and some ornamentals like azaleas, camellias and roses , works great and is much more recommended than stocking up on plant food. Coffee grounds also keep sugar ants and insects away from your plant.

Do tomatoes and strawberries grow well together?


Strawberries and tomatoes have associated plants that can promote their growth, and although many people enjoy a large, ripe, juicy red tomato or a ripe red strawberry, unfortunately there are also many birds and pests that make tomatoes and strawberries more susceptible to more pests. . , but some simple gardening strategies can be applied to eliminate these pests, one of the most common remedies is to plant repellent crops between tomatoes and strawberries.

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