Echo SRM-222ESL Brushcutter

In the 2017 promotion, Echo offers a lightweight brushcutter, ideal for those who have to do private use such as mowing the lawn in domestic gardens or on the edges of a small orchard. Therefore, it can be a valid option if you are choosing a tool for these jobs, I recommend our guide to choosing the brushcutter.

The SRM-222ESL model echo machine has an internal combustion engine designed to ensure low emissions and low noise, complying with current regulations and guaranteeing safety during work. Being a very light model, it is comfortable for small jobs and for keeping the garden tight, cutting with the flush head.

For a simple start, this brushcutter is equipped with an easy start, it has a motor guaranteed 300 hours of continuous work without maintenance, the guarantee of this motorized tool can be extended by the private individual from two to five years in addressed to the retailer.

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