False seeding to control weeds

Organic farming consists of not using chemicals which, if they kill weeds, can also have harmful effects on humans by contaminating vegetables. Weeding or weeding is therefore one of the most tiring and frequent tasks for the organic gardener.

We explain a very interesting weeding technique, ideal for getting rid of weeds effortlessly entirely natural, without too much work and above all without the use of herbicides: stale seedbeds.

To carry out the false sowing, it is necessary to wet the border just before planting our vegetables, then to cover the ground with polyethylene, to accelerate the appearance of the weeds, the humidity and the heat in fact create the ideal conditions for the grows aromatic herbs. prosper. The nursery will then see all the grass seeds present.

At this point, all you need to do is weed an inch or two below the surface to kill any weeds that have just sprouted.

After the false sowing, it is possible to sow for real, starting our cultivation in herbicidal soil. in a simple and natural way , perfectly compatible with organic horticulture. It is an ancient cultivation technique that has been rediscovered by organic farmers in recent times.

For even more effective weeding, simply repeat the stale seedbed operation.

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