Frost resistant crops. Plants for cold climates

When summer comes to an end, many of us don’t like it because the temperatures start to drop drastically and soon we will barely be able to plant in our garden. I have compiled frost-resistant crops, some plants that resist the terrible winter cold more than others.

frost-resistant crops

When it comes to having your winter gardens, you need to take into account the temperatures that the weather usually reaches in the area where you live in order to get an idea of ​​the frost-resistant crops you can plant.


Frost resistant crops

We start with plants that resist temperatures of 0 degrees and even less. Keep in mind that these are crops already planted in autumn, not new crops. This is important to point out, as they could be damaged if they were new plantings.

Cauliflower: It is a culture that, although resistant to frost, does not have its ideal temperature. However, as you can see in the video I share below, it is frost resistant and can withstand temperatures down to -10º.

Kale: He grow kale or kale is another one of those cold hardy plants I recommend. Although he may seem a bit damaged by the cold waves, when they pass, he recovers.

garlic: It is a plant that does not like waterlogging, so it must be planted in a soil that is not clayey and that filters water well, and it is one of those frost-resistant vegetables.

beans: In addition to being rich in protein, it is very resistant to cold and frost, but the pea being sensitive to heat and drought, it is better to plant it in winter.


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Frost resistant plants

Peas: It is a very cold-resistant plant that you can have all winter long, yes, you have to water it well because it does not tolerate drought.

cabbage and brocoli: These cool-season vegetables have one of the leaves that is resistant to low temperatures, which is why many colored cabbages are used in gardens.

cold and frost resistant plants

Carrots: can plant carrots throughout the year, and it is a plant that can withstand sub-zero temperatures, as long as we planted it in the fall.

chard: We need to get a fall variety. This plant is also resistant to cold and frost, although it is true that if the frost is very continuous, the leaves can be affected, but they recover very quickly.

Chicory: He endive cultivation it is one of the most cold hardy varieties of lettuce, so I highly recommend it. It is necessary to put it in autumn, and it resists to temperatures of -6º.

In the following video I talk about these 10 crops that for me are the most resistant to cold and frost to plant in the harsh winter, and I share some tips:

cold hardy plants

Turnips and radishes: Ideal for winter as it is affected by heat and dryness, which gives it a strong taste.

Leeks: They resist the cold very well. Another of the frost-resistant crops to consider.

The following vegetables are resistant to cold, but not when it drops below 5 degrees, and also do not freeze.

lettuce: It is necessary to plant them in September, October because they do not support the frost during their first weeks of life. It is necessary to select winter varieties.

canons: With the heat they open out, so it is ideal for the winter.

Onions: They adapt to all climates.

cold tolerant plants

Radishes: Like radishes, but they are no less cold tolerant.

Beet: It can be sown from March to November.

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Crops resistant to frost and cold
Peas turnips
beans Broccoli
garlic carrots
lettuce Beet
canons chard
Onions Cauliflower
Cabbage kale
leeks radishes
Endive Beet

Plants that do not withstand temperatures below 10 degrees well

Parsley: It does not support drought or low temperatures, but it is a plant with 4 times more Vitamin C than oranges.

Potato: The leaves burn if they are very cold, they turn black.

Basil: When winter comes, they freeze to death, so get their seeds before that time arrives.

Don’t forget to check out the post about the cultures that exist what to sow in november.

And now that you know what you can have in winter, what are you waiting for? Let’s plant!!

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cold hardy plants

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