Gas barbecue – Tips for my garden


the barbecue

The vast majority of home or apartment owners who can enjoy a small outdoor space at least once in their lifetime will host a barbecue with their closest family and friends. The atmosphere that reigns around a barbecue is a climate that, even without having ever experienced it, manages to inspire joy and serenity: it will be due to the presence of all the people we love the most, it will be due to the spirit of cooperation that unites everyone. (or almost, the laziest won’t lift a finger as usual), but the truth is that this situation inspires a lot of people and makes them happy. But where does all this come from? Like so many other things, both positive and negative, we were inspired by our American friends. It is in their films that we have seen the great gatherings of which these people are proud around a barbecue, perhaps in the back garden of their beautiful houses without bars or fences, in a garden with the garage and a basket nearby, outside and without worrying about anyone who might disturb them. In our country, as well as in many others to be honest, it is unfortunately not possible to live a family barbecue in this way: there are laws, written and unwritten rules, concepts and ways of life incorrect that prevent you from having fun in this way. .the barbecue

the best places

Despite all these characteristics that do not help at all to enjoy the beloved barbecue, we Italians use the imagination and inventiveness that have made us great and famous in the world to be able to overcome the adversities that would prevent us to have our barbecue. And that is why in our country a barbecue is also done on a small balcony of the house, on a large balcony (obviously, if it is done on the small one…), on a terrace or on a balcony, or even in the garden, for those who are lucky enough to have a house with an adjoining private garden. Unfortunately because of this inventiveness, we often have fights, also because the Italian is also a bit quarrelsome out of pride. For example, there are those who argue with the neighbor upstairs, because clearly the fumes from the barbecue made on the balcony will rise and hinder the neighbour’s breathing or dry the dirty and smelly hanging clothes. But it’s not just that, many other things can happen. In general, the best place seems to us to be a terrace well away from the tops of other buildings and also a private garden, in which the relationship with the neighbor is positive and friendly because anyway clouds of smoke will arrive even if we are the two. in the flat.

Types of barbecues

But why does the barbecue produce this unpleasant smoke for the neighbors? Let’s say right away that the most used type of barbecue is the Italian “fornacella”, that is, the small embers (often collapsible and stored in small spaces) that many people like to have at home even if they are rarely used. These embers are fueled by coal or its modern derivatives; the latter are all made up of petroleum and coal derivatives, designed and packaged to facilitate and speed up the lighting operation but also the maintenance of the fire. This happens because the original charcoal is a difficult tool to handle, as it requires experience and knowledge, both to light it and to bring it to the right temperature, so that it does not burn or fill food with smoke. Although we have found a way to make it easier to maintain the fire of barbecues and small embers, we have not yet found a way to prevent that typical smoke from fossil embers, which also characterizes our cars. And it is precisely these fumes that come to annoy our neighbors.

The model of the barbecue that we are analyzing in detail today is perhaps the solution to all the problems that we have just exposed; It has a constant resistance to fire and is easy to dose, moreover it does not generate annoying fumes that can annoy neighbors. In fact, large gas canisters are very often used in gas barbecues (or even connection to the mains, although the canister allows some versatility in positioning), a fairly clean fuel in terms of post-combustion emissions . The problem, however, is another, namely safety: the gas is potentially very dangerous, since its accumulations (in places of particular shapes or simply cylinders) can explode and explode with great violence if damaged, slaughtered or “provoked”. “. For this reason, the gas barbecue is generally used by those who are in large open spaces, away from other strangers and other properties; we deduce that it would be almost criminal and very annoying for the neighbors, if you decide to have a gas barbecue on the balcony of the house, although we must not forget that many kitchens in the common houses are still fueled by cylinders, so they present the same danger as others (including gas barbecues), but in people’s eyes they are inexplicably different things.

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