Glyphosate dosage for a 16 liter backpack

When we look for information on the label or on the website of the herbicide marketer, we realize that in most cases the doses per hectare appear.

What happens when we want to apply at lower doses and only have a small backpack of treatment? In this article we tell you what is the dose of glyphosate for 16 liter backpack.

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Calculation of the glyphosate dose for a 16 liter backpack

The main care backpacks on the market have a volume of 16 liters. However, we will also give some advice for the dosage per liter of water, in case one of our readers has a smaller applicator.

Dosage of glyphosate herbicide:

  • Road weeds: 5-10 L/ha
  • Extensive herbaceous: 3-6 L/ha
  • Intensive herbaceous: 3-6 L/ha
  • Perennial herbs: 5-10 L/ha

How do we convert to a 16 liter backpack dose of glyphosate?

To know the missing dose, the main data we need is to know what is the usual herbicide mixture to cover one hectare (10,000 m2) of surface.

Generally, for most crops, a dose of 400 L/ha of broth. In some cases 300 liters and others 500 litres, depending on the height of the weeds.

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The calculation to be performed is therefore the following.

Glyphosate dose mathematical calculation Dosage per backpack 16 liters
3L/ha (16 3)/400 0.12L/backpack (120ml)
6L/ha (16 6)/400 0.24L/backpack (240ml)

We multiply the volume of our backpack (16 L) by the recommended dose of herbicide per hectare, and divide by the recommended volume per hectare.

Dosage per backpack: [Volumen mochila (L) · Dosis herbicida (L/ha)] / Stock volume (ha)

The calculation to know the dose of glyphosate per backpack treatment it is extremely simple. If we want to simplify even more, especially for those who have a backpack with a different volume or directly an applicator with a smaller volume, the dose per liter of broth is as follows:

Dose of glyphosate per liter of broth:

  • Average dose: (1 5)/400= 12.5 ml/L of water
  • High dosage: (1*10)/400= 25 ml/L of water

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Dose of glyphosate according to its formulation

active ingredient name perennial weeds annual weeds
GLYPHOSATE 48% w/v. SL ULTIMATE ROUNDUP 4.5-7.5L/ha 1.5-4.5L/ha
GLYPHOSATE 36% w/v. SL BOROUGH 3-6L/ha 6-10L/ha
GLYPHOSATE 36% w/v. SL LANDING 2-5L/ha 5-7.5L/ha

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