Grazia Cacciola’s bud garden

A miniature garden, which is cultivated in just 40 centimeters, devoting five minutes to it a day: that of the shoots. It is a culture that allows to have on the table a natural food very rich in vitamins and minerals, excellent to add to salads or to cook in the pan.

The book “L$0027orto dei germogli”, published by LSWR in the Natural Life Style series, teaches us how to grow our own germs at home. Getting sprouts from seed is quick and easy, some sprouts germinate in just 4 days. The author of the book is Grazia Cacciola, for those who are dedicated to gardening or self-production, no introduction is necessary, others can meet her on the Erba Viola blog.

book value is completeness If you are interested in germinating seeds at home, we will answer all your questions: how to choose the sprouter, which sprouts are eaten raw and which are cooked, what are the most common germination errors.

Beginning with a short chapter on the history of sprout use and an excursus of its nutritional properties, the second chapter gets to the heart of the matter with home growing and how to choose your seeds and shooter. This section is a real eye-opener for those new to soy, as you can find a variety of vegetables, from cabbage to basil, whose sprouts can be grown and eaten.

After teaching us how to grow at home, the manual then explains how to cook with sprouts, ending with a few things to try. The penultimate chapter examines the main mistakes that can be made in cultivation and is very useful for beginners.

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