Growing strawberries in the garden

The strawberry is a very simple fruit to grow, you can do it in the garden but also quietly in a pot on your balcony.

Seedlings are very small and take up little space, sweet and tasty fruits, above all, delight children and gluttons.

The plant is hardy and does not present great cultivation difficulties, the satisfaction of eating strawberries picked directly from your garden or terrace will be unique.

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  • plant strawberries

  • How to grow strawberries

    • Growing strawberries in pots and on the balcony

  • Cultivation Warnings

    • strawberry diseases

    • Pests harmful to the plant

  • Collection and use

  • Strawberry varieties


plant strawberries

Climate. The strawberry is a hardy plant, which tolerates the cold and the heat of summer well. However, it fears the strong sun which can scorch the plants, so it is best to place it in semi-shaded areas or shade it with a cloth.

Stage. Strawberries need loose soil free of standing water to which they are very sensitive. They need soil rich in organic matter. Before planting or transplanting them, it is better to prepare the soil with a shovel, after a month or more the soil is moved again and the strawberries are placed. The first shovel is worth adding fertilizer (mature or granulated manure to stay in the organic compost).

Sow or transplant. Planting strawberry seedlings is best done in a nursery, it is a not very easy vegetable to grow from seed, which is very small. Instead, it is easier to buy the plants in the nursery and then multiply them the following years from there: in fact, the plants reproduce along runners, they can be separated in the fall from the mother plant. In general, it is used to renew strawberries periodically (every four or five years) to avoid the appearance of diseases.

Sixth of the plantation : the kind that plants strawberries at a distance of 30 cm between plants, in rows 50 cm apart. To avoid stagnation, it is useful to use the technique of baulatura (raised beds in the garden) to ensure that excess water is drained.

How to grow strawberries

cultivation operations . Weeds are a nuisance for strawberries, which have a very short plant. For this reason, the main job when growing strawberries is to keep the adjacent soil clean with manual weeding, it is worth considering the mulching technique to avoid all this work.

Growing strawberries in pots and on the balcony

Strawberries are a very simple fruit to grow on the balcony, planting the seedlings in pots. Terrace cultivation does not require any special precautions, strawberries do not need a lot of space (a 15 cm deep pot is enough), remember to put expanded clay or gravel at the bottom of the container to avoid stagnation which can rot the roots.

Advancement of crops

Strawberries are a very simple plant to grow, even with a view to organic farming, so no synthetic chemicals are used as treatment. For a good organic cultivation, it is important to be able to recognize diseases and pest attacks at an early stage, by getting to know the main threats.

strawberry diseases

Smallpox. Photo by Sara Petrucci

Strawberries can be prone to several fungal diseases, including pitting, botrytis, whorl, crown rot, red heart disease, and powdery mildew. Virtually all of these diseases must be caught in time because there is no cure for the biologically affected parts of the plant. To prevent them, it is useful to work the soil well and to water often but little each time, avoiding stagnation of water. To contain them, copper can be used (sulphur in the case of powdery mildew).

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