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-Contains: Removable legs 22cm long. –Measures: Ø49 to 51cm; Total height of disk: 9cm. – Capacity: 12 liters.

What should be considered when buying a plow disc? Ideally, its height should be 10 cm to get greater capacity and we can make the most of it. Let them count too with removable legs for to be able to use them in a lighter / gas burner or by placing the legs for can cook with firewood.

How many types of disc plows are there? There are of them types of disc plows: the normal, which North Americans call standard, and the “vertical”, better known as “producer of discs” That is “plow harrow”.

Of what steel is that of the plow discs? for the manufacture of discsbar it and swallow it steel Borodur, but for example for the manufacture of weapons a steel different with greater elasticity and power of recovery of the initial geometry due to the type of effort to which it is subjected.

How to save a disc so that it does not rust? Before to safeguard rub with a little grease or pass a paper towel with a little oil over the entire surface for prevent rust. There you go, we already have the disk healed and soon for be used next time for your pleasure and your guests.


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How do you clean a plow disc after cooking?

The best way to clean a plow disc is as follows: we are going to heat it and add a little water and detergent and we are going to rub until we remove the remains of grease and dirt, once clean we only rinse it until we remove the traces of detergent and it’s ready.

What type of plow is best?

The plow The disc type is also useful for tillage, but unlike the mouldboard, the disc type is better in hard and rocky soils or soils with large remains of roots, because it works according to its weight.

What are the disadvantages of disc plows?

These are the main disadvantages from plow:

  • Damage to the existing microflora in the soil is caused. …
  • Creation of the plowing crust. …
  • Increased number of tillage steps. …
  • Greater energy and economic consumption.

What is the difference between plow and harrow?

The flirt It is an agricultural instrument that consists of a kind of grid with spikes at the bottom that serves to level the land after plowing. harrow. The plow It is a tillage tool used in agriculture to open furrows and remove soil before sowing seeds.

What is 5160?

5160 It is a very durable and strong forged alloy steel they are often used in the crafting of swords. In addition to its iron, it contains 0.64% carbon from steel0.9% chromium, 1% manganese, 0.35% silicon, with traces of phosphorus and sulfur.

What is 1070 steel?

The steel High Carbon SAE Dipped 1070-1090 for springs is the standard material used to manufacture spiral circlips and wave springs. Its tensile strength and yield strength are maximized due to its oil-tempered martensitic structure.

What does boron do in steel?

The boron manages to increase the hardening capacity when the steel it is completely deoxidized. A small amount of boron (0.001%) has a marked effect on the hardening of the steelbecause it also combines with carbon to form the carbides that give the steel reloading characteristics.

What is the largest measurement of a plow disc?

With traces of discs light is distinguished by larger discs24–26 inches (60–66 cm).

How much does a plow disc weigh?

plows of disk: with a power between 25 and 170 – 180 CV Their working widths vary from 60 cm to 2.10 m. All the discs they are equipped with discs 28″ with a minimum depth of 35 cm and their weight is between 197 and 2,275 kg.

How to harden the plow disc with coarse salt?

How to clean a disk?


  1. clean the disk with compressed air. Compressed air can remove most dust particles and accumulated debris. …
  2. If you cannot remove the dirt with compressed air, wipe it off with a soft, clean, dry cloth that leaves no residue.

How to clean hard drive?

7 tips to free up space on your Hard disk

  1. Uninstall unnecessary apps and programs. …
  2. To clean Your office. …
  3. Get rid of large files. …
  4. Use the Disk CleanUp® tool…
  5. Get rid of temporary files. …
  6. Support downloads. …
  7. Save to the cloud.

How to cure an Argentinian cooks plow disc?

How to cure a rusty comal?

throw in your comical vinegar and using a cloth rub the surface. You will notice that you don’t have to make such an effort to squeeze the residue out bit by bit. If you notice that the rust still doesn’t come out, add a little salt with a few drops of lemon and you’re done.

How to clean the burners of the electric kitchen?

How to clean the burners of the electric kitchen?

We remove the coils from the electric burner get a little out of it. We put them in a towel near the sink, but without immersing them in water. Then we take out the trays and put them in water. We wet the dish brush and clean any kind of dirt that we find on the coils.

How long does it take to plow one hectare?

working speed I know is between 4 and 9 km/h, with which the pictured plow can plow about one hectare per hour. The force required depends on soil texture, soil moisture, working depth and speed.

What are the most common types of plows out there?

The plow It is a widely used agricultural tool in various soil conditions.

  • The plow is probably the tool or tool more old which is used in agriculture, also providing a long useful life to the farmer. …
  • three differ types: mouldboard, disc and rotary.

When is the best time to plow the land?

When is the best time to plow the land?

The most suitable period, both for grazing and for crops, is generally between the months of November (the 1st ploughing) and March and April (the 2nd ploughing). Word work derives from the Latin laborāre, which had the generic meaning of working.

How many HP does a harrow disc need?

Consumption unit 36 ​​86 resume.

What are the results of good tillage?

What are the results of good tillage?

Improved aeration and oxygenation Even though we have already mentioned it in other articles, turning the soil increases the number of macropores in the soil. These are responsible for storing gases, (What oxygen), which the roots of the plants need so that the problems do not appear.

What is heavy plow?

What is heavy plow?

The heavy plow is a technology in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings that can be researched at the Windmill or Folwark (Polish only) starting in the Age of Castles.

What does CP mean on a tractor?

The center of power (zipper) from tractor is the technical name for the dynamic center of gravity (CG) of the tractorwhen performing traction work.

How are plows classified?

The different ways of understanding plow agricultural Those who plow the soil and base their work on intensive tillage. Those that limit tillage to vertical work (chisel, subsoiler). Those who avoid tillage and only till superficially for weeding and incorporating surface trash.

How many HP does a harrow disc need?

Consumption unit 36 ​​86 resume.

What is moldboard and moldboard plow?

ploughshare and mouldboard: the ploughshare and mouldboard is one of the most common. The Grid penetrates the earth and produces the cut of a portion of soil, which is then turned over by the fallleaving an open furrow in its path.

What is the harrow plow?

What is the harrow plow?

Nail flirt The disc harrow or disc harrow is an agricultural machine used to carry out a second tillage or sometimes also a first tillage.

What are the types of streaks?

What are the types of streaks?

Types of the dredges discs

  • Integrals. These are the ones that hitch the tractor by three points. They are suspended in transport. …
  • Slide. They hook into the traction of the tractor by means of a drawbar.

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