How does a wet chainsaw start?

start muffled chainsaw

No need to get out your scissors!

If you have flooded your chainsaw engine, rest assured that it is not damaged. In addition, it is also not necessary to take it for repair: you can fix it yourself. A few manipulations are enough to restart the engine!

Precise explanations and useful tips, find out right away in this article how to start your chainsaw’s flooded engine !


Why is your engine flooded?

Without going into all the technical details of its operation, you must first know that your chainsaw engine needs 3 elements to operate: air, gasoline and a spark. The spark which will allow the combustion of gasoline is ensured by the spark plug, and it is precisely this spark plug which can no longer function correctly when your engine is flooded.

After several attempts to start, you have effectively introduced too much fuel into the combustion chamber, the air can no longer enter in sufficient quantity and therefore the spark plug cannot produce this spark. Sometimes this spark plug is even soaked in gasoline and therefore it is even more impossible for it to cause the fuel to burn.

how to start a drowned chainsaw

How to restart your drowned chainsaw?

To start your chainsaw whose engine is flooded, it will be necessary to take care in particular of the spark plug which is inside the machine. But if the engine has received too much fuel, it will also be necessary to remove all this surplus. However, the procedure is not very complicated and this initial problem can be solved by following a few simple steps. Also, other than a spark plug wrench and a rag, you won’t need any other special equipment!

Here’s how to fix your flooded chainsaw:

  1. Before you even begin the repair, place your chainsaw on a flat, clean, and dry surface.
  2. Once you’ve done that, make sure turn off the choke.
  3. Locate the spark plug on the engine. (Its location varies from one chainsaw model to another, and if you are unsure of its location, you can consult your operator’s manual.)
  4. Be sure to stand facing the area where the candle is. When removing the spark plug, fuel may squirt out.
  5. Then remove the spark plug with your spark plug wrench.. To loosen, you must turn counterclockwise. Finish unscrewing by hand once the spark plug is loosened.
  6. You will notice that your candle is wet: clean it and dry it using your clean cloth.
  7. Then examine your engine: if it has a excess fuel, throw it away pull the starter handle ten to twenty times in a row.
  8. Even if the engine is not full of fuel, test it anyway to bleed it.
  9. Once this is done, you can replace the spark plug by tightening it correctly with your wrench.
  10. Your engine is no longer flooded – you can restart your chainsaw! (If your chainsaw still does not start properly at this point, the spark plug may be faulty and should be replaced later.)

A few tips for using your chainsaw properly

Although it is not very difficult to repair a flooded chainsaw engine, it is better to use your machine well and never flood your engine! To do this, here are some tips to follow:

  • Never let gasoline stagnate in your engine! When using your chainsaw, the fuel inside must be less than 6 months old. If gasoline has been in the engine for too long, start with a small oil change. (The easiest way is to fill your machine according to your needs).

  • Your engine must always be warm! When your machine is cold, never run it directly at full speed. Whether it is running in or not, it is advisable to let the engine idle for at least 1 minute: this will gradually increase the temperature.

  • Gradually lower the temperature of your engine! In the same way that the start should be gradual, the stopping of your engine should not be abrupt once you have finished your mowing session. It is recommended to leave the chainsaw idling for a few minutes to slowly lower the engine temperature.

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