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The cultivator was one of the first tools created to work the fields and has been used ever since. In its early days, it was used to remove weeds from the field, who they consumed the nutrients the crops needed to grow.

How do you tell the producers? farmer farmer agronomist settler rancher agriculturist horticulturist gardener farmer worker field tool used uses agriculture to stir pulverize soil before planting remove weeds aerate loosen electric tractor stir usually greater cultivates other also agricultural tool intended…

What is a field cultivator? Designed to obtain a suitable planting bed, after deep tillage. It can also be used as a brushcutter, placing behind it a set of harrows with vibrating tines, which complement the work done by the bars.

What is the function of disc plow? The disk It is connected by four or five screws, which allows replacement in case of breakage or wear. about each disk a cleaner, or scraper, is placed, which is responsible for loosening the strip of earth that rises through the disk.

What is a scissor plow? doWhat is a scissor plow? The chisel performs deep tillage or primary tillage, keeping much of the stubble or ground cover on the surface, hence its name on some occasions chisel stubble. It is ideal for conservation tillage with surface residues.

What is it to be a cultivator? A farmer you are a farmer or gardener, participating in a knitting project as an individual citizen scientist. The producers participants must be both women and men. The producers they can be recruited by the manager or field agents.


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What does a cultivator mean?

farmer, farmer | Definition | Spanish Language Dictionary | RAE – ASALE. 1. adj. What cultivates

How is the cultivator used?

Being a simple agricultural construction tool, it performs multiple tasks on farmland, here are the most relevant ones:

  1. Loosen the soil.
  2. Control of unwanted vegetation (weeds).
  3. Air and aerate the soil.
  4. Clod break.
  5. Preparation of the seedbed.

How many types of cultivators are there?


  • Farmer. …
  • cultivators to prepare the ground. …
  • cultivators weeding…
  • cultivators 3-5 bars. …
  • Banana grower. …
  • Cultivation with a plow. …
  • Chassis or sash. …
  • Toolbar.

What is the difference between plow and harrow?

The flirt It is an agricultural instrument that consists of a kind of grid with spikes at the bottom that serves to level the land after plowing. harrow. The plow It is a tillage tool used in agriculture to open furrows and remove soil before sowing seeds.

What type of plow is best?

How important are cultivators?

The plow The disc type is also useful for tillage, but unlike the mouldboard, the disc type is better in hard and rocky soils or soils with large remains of roots, because it works according to its weight.

What are the disadvantages of the plow?

What are the disadvantages of the plow?

These are the main plow disadvantages:

  • Damage to the existing microflora in the soil is caused. …
  • Creation of the plowing crust. …
  • Increased number of tillage steps. …
  • Greater energy and economic consumption.

How many types of chisel plows are there?

to exist various types of plows of chisel among which may be mentioned: those of animal traction and those of traction by means of a tractor. of water in the soil, since the maintained cover acts as a resistance mechanism to water runoff.

How is the chisel plow used?

It destroys the compact layers allowing the penetration of air and water, which is stored under the surface. It obtains greater root growth for which the plants will be taller and more robust.

How do I get a producer’s license?

Register on the miARGENTINA portal. With this account, log in to You will choose the PERSON UNDER TREATMENT profile (the simplest and most recommended for your culture to be in your name), FARMER (it’s growing for others), NGO, DOCTOR.

How many plants can a solidarity grower have?

No, regardless of the number of patients in charge, he/she farmer/a solidarity/a is limited to farming up to nine floors your house.

How long does the Reprocann card last?

The authorization is for one year.

What is an agricultural ridger?

The sloping or aporca (also called acollar or acogombrar) is a task agricultural essential in potato cultivation. It helps with drainage to avoid excess water, weed control, and above all: it promotes the yield and quality of production.

How does a centrifugal spreader work?

How does a centrifugal spreader work?

centrifugal spreaders The fertilizer falls through a hatch then there are discs, or a rotating tube, which are responsible for distributing it over the entire width of the machine. They are generally very homogeneous and make it possible to obtain better working widths if they are double disc.

What does farming involve?

The agriculture is defined as “the art of cultivating the land” comes from the Latin ager, agri (field) and culture (cultivation). is an activity What deals with the production of soil cultivation, development and harvesting of crops, exploitation of forests and jungles (silviculture), animal husbandry and development of livestock.

What are the tools?

What are the tools?

The tools agricultural tools are tools or machines What are attached to tractors and What they are dragged or suspended in the air thanks to a system of attachment to the tractor. There are different types of tools for tractors.

What is a leveling harrow?

The transport system with wheels operated by hydraulic control, rationalizes operations and allows ideal control of the working depth and agility in maneuvers and transport, the sections during transport are closed and can be operated by springs or hydraulic cylinders.

How are the tools classified?

So that we can classify tools into three groups: suspended, semi-suspended and trailed or towed.

What is agriculture called when crops are harvested for sale?

The the farming of the market is the way agriculture in which production is for sale and self-sufficiency is a secondary aspect. Its characteristics are: The mechanization of the field. Agricultural specialization in one or a few products.

How to preserve agricultural products?

How to store their agricultural production Costs

  1. Berries: Sort your berries when you get home. …
  2. Celery: The secret of dungeon crispy celery is to wrap it in aluminum foil, and cover it without bending the ends. …
  3. Greens: Check your greens and discard any that are wilted, discolored, or sticky.

What are the benefits for farmers?

In this way, the main benefits for The Farmers they are:

  • supply of production inputs and services;
  • access to credit;
  • preparation for appropriate technology;
  • skills transfer ;
  • determined and guaranteed tariff structures; Y.
  • access to reliable markets.

What are small producers called?

Mini grinder: Mini grinders are a new type of producers agricultural small used by farmers or owners. Also I know to know What garden tractors or garden tractors.

How does an agricultural cultivator work?

The farmer it allows maintenance tasks called “escardilladas” or “carpidas” to be carried out; that is, through the use of wide or narrow but flat bars, superficial soil removal is carried out (no more than 5 cm) to keep the space free of weeds.

What is a furrower?

What is a furrower?

The furrower It is the specific tool for creating furrows in previously worked land, as well as for creating small irrigation canals, small drainage ditches and for supporting row crops.

What is an agricultural ridger?

The sloping or aporca (also called acollar or acogombrar) is a task agricultural essential in potato cultivation. It helps with drainage to avoid excess water, weed control, and above all: it promotes the yield and quality of production.

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